Dear Tsitsi… I love everything you have become and you are only going to get better…

October 12, 2020

My Dear Tsitsi,

Well done, you have made it this far. I know the road has been a long one and sometimes it’s been scary and uncertain, but hey girl hey! Look at you. If today was defined by the battles of yesterday, then girl you have been a victor twice over.  Don’t look at where you are going, it’s far girl, look at where you have come from, look at what you have done. You have defied every odd and every stereotype. You have left your signature in the concrete passage of time. I am proud of every moment, every decision and every experience and I am proud of you.

There is no need to be afraid of tomorrow because its way out of your hands. But today will define you my love. Today you can make an impactful decision. That decision, it will make you everything that is necessary for tomorrow. So remember your favs “No, is the beginning of a negotiation”, “One step in front of the other, just one breath after the next- chikuru kufema wangu”. And if you are uncertain remember, “God made YOU for times like these.” and someone is counting on you to make it through.

I love everything you have become and you are only going to get better. You are Tsitsi Mutendi. Remember that.




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