May 11, 2018

Someone very dear to me recently found out she’s going to be a mum…a 1st time mum…and the rush of warmth and joy and tenderness I felt in the moment she shared the news with me summarizes motherhood for me. Warmth and Joy and an unending pool of Tenderness… That’s who mothers are. Our place of comfort and strength and unrelenting love… Our home at home and away from home… Without question mothers are the single most powerful and influential people in our lives…the shapers and nurtureres under whose influence characters, backbone, attitude, outlook and perspectives are formed. We look at the world through the lenses our mothers framed. That’s the power a mother holds! And yet… they never abuse that power.. always guided instead by a desire to gently guide and wherever and however they can teach strength and resilience and survival whilst simultaneously shielding from the harshness and cruelty and pain some of the lessons inevitably come with. Being a mother is important work. Its not an aquired skill. It’s a gift from God…. And I want to take a moment this Mothers Day to say to all the beautiful women ordained by God to carry out this important calling…we see you and we celebrate you! You are loved dearly and appreciated for the love, care and sacrifices that are an intrinsic part of who you are. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU! May you be spoiled rotten by the many many many people around you who have felt the magic of your touch!

Jo Kanengoni

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