Dear Cheffy… Allow Yourself to Experience Every Moment of Every Second Lest You Forget it All…

October 5, 2020

Dear Cheffy…


How I hope that, that list is finally completed, and you have continued to add things to it being the achievement reacher that you are. Don’t forget to pray too; we both know it keeps you sane. Have you grown out of typing things throughout the night? *smh* Sleep will yah! Also have you continued to map your life and are you striving to create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family?

I know you have real estate finally but don’t forget the train because remember that’s the end goal. And that farmhouse #retirementat40. All of this you probably have now but always remember to stay true to you and be happy being you.

Don’t forget the book you promised to write. I know it feels good to breathe but you also have a purpose, goals reached??

They were never ready but give it to them anyway! Allow yourself to experience every moment of every second, least you forget it all.

Love hard where it’s worth loving. Your heart should and must be happy. Don’t compete for space in a crown you are already wearing mama.


You rock.

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