Dear aspiring hustler……

Don’t live for other people.

Realise that sometimes your destiny is crafted by you and you alone.

Visualise what you want to become.

Focus your mind on where you see yourself and clearly picture it. Don’t think about how you’re going to get there, don’t think about challenges – just picture what you desire and have that mental picture in your head. Once you have it, once it’s locked in – get to work. Expose yourself to environments that will challenge you and not hold you back. Know which environments will enable you to thrive and which will destroy you. In order to move anywhere in life, you need information. Information is your currency and you can get it for free if you know how to access it. Information has started businesses, destroyed them, enhanced reputations and built wealth. Be a person who’s always looking for the right information to get you where you need to be.

Realise you don’t know it all, none of us do. Learn to listen, to learn, unlearn and relearn – be teachable.

The strongest currency you can have is the ability to change your perspective. By not accepting different points of views, you risk not getting the best out of people, you risk shutting down industry shifting ideas. Be open minded, remain open minded.

Dear successful young entrepreneur

Don’t let success get into your head.

Don’t lose that killer instinct you had when you were in the ghetto, when you were just starting out. Never lose the drive and the hunger that you had when you had nothing, harness it to grow even bigger.

Remember where you come from. You might be in a privileged position now but you need to always remember where you’re from. Let that ground you and keep you humble.

Remember the environment and the networks that enabled you to be where you are now. If you forget, you will easily fall and lose everything.

Bring others with you, we need more successful young entrepreneurs in our country, let’s not leave anyone behind.

Dear elite, successful businessman/woman

You have a role to play.

You’ve been in the game a long time; you understand how to succeed. Please understand that young people are hungry to impact Zimbabwe, to make a difference. Listen to us, hear us, guide and mentor us – open doors for us and mention our names in rooms full of opportunities.

I know it’s tempting to think that when young people are reaching out to you, they’re after financial assistance. We’re not after monetary support, we’re after social capital. I wouldn’t be where I am today if the right doors hadn’t been opened up to me.

However, there are rooms and corridors I only started getting access to when I had built a name for myself but this shouldn’t be the case. Identify young upcoming talent, impart your experience, your wisdom, knowledge and lessons learnt. This will help us succeed and transform our country.

Don’t live in regret, don’t shut the door when someone reaches out to you – listen when you can and push their business where you can.


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