Deal with depression

July 12, 2018

 Have you ever been depressed and had no idea that you were until some thought crossed your mind and then you finally realized something was definitely wrong with you. If you are depressed and you have the ability to realize it, then there is hope that you can find your way out, heal and start living again. There are many kinds of depression, some can have very serious impact   on one’s life that a psychiatrist or counselor is needed for one to heal from depression. I am neither a psychiatrist nor counselor so I will only advise you to find a professional who can help if you can not do it yourself.


Depression is triggered by a number of factors, some are; abuse, loss, rejection, loneliness, idleness and surprisingly it is hereditary as well. All these factors are similar in a certain way except genetically of course. Victims of abuse, be it sexual; verbal or physical, tend to end up with low self esteem if they do not receive counseling. The same thing happens to people who have faced rejection a number of times, they become inferior and angry too. Losing a valuable possession or loved one can cause pain. After coming across any of the factors mentioned above one can end up stressed, envious, moody, bored, having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, self hate and hating others too for no apparent reason. When these signs show then know that you are depressed.

Depressed people cry a lot and talk less. This is because they feel weak, helpless and like failures, they have unanswered questions and no hope left in life. A lot of battles go on in their minds that is why suicidal thoughts sometimes cross their minds. But there is a way around it; there is a way we can deal with this depression on our own. We can fight back and become better people once again, because there is hope and you are not a weak, hopeless failure. First of all we need to change our mindset, think it, believe it and then live it.

Change your behavior; start living a life with a purpose by planning your life. One can only plan a life when they know how to plan a day. You will realize at the end of each day that you have done so much than you used to do. Start doing the things you like to do, if it’s cooking try new recipes, if it’s walking, take long walks, dance, solve mathematical problems, sing, read something, learn new skills or languages and become the better you the world has ever seen. Try doing fun things, instead of watching  movies at home go out for a movie, eat out, and visit a friend and do some catch up.

Giving brings peace and makes you feel whole. Give love, do nice things for people around you, volunteer at hospitals or homes, they will appreciate and you start feeling helpful instead of helpless. Just give love without expecting anything in return and it will be even more effective that way. Keep yourself busy with fulfilling things, give yourself responsibilities and you will have a sense of accomplishment.

Feeling beautiful and good about yourself will make you heal from depression too.  As you try to accomplish beauty and good health you will take time to work on your positivity, you will also keep your mind busy, you become purposeful. Exercise, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water will help you feel beautiful and be of good health as an end result. Set goals as per how much weight you want to lose after a certain period of time, make objectives on how you are going to achieve that.  Challenge yourself and work extra hard on yourself be positive and believe in yourself and I tell you there is no better feeling than having accomplished goals.

Prayer is therapeutic, just tell God how you feel and how you want to feel. It changes things. Sometimes talking to people you think you trust could be suicidal when they start to judge you, or lay out your problem to the world to prey on you. If you cannot trust anyone you don’t have to try. Just trust God, talk to him one on one like you are talk to a friend ,because He is. Meditate, take time to reflect on your good side each day, you will get rid of stress and become light hearted; therefore you become healthy and live longer.

As I have said before, sometimes you cannot deal with it alone, do not hesitate or feel ashamed to look for help because there is help out there, always.

By Makomborero Grace Shumba


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