Natural hair- Achieving the perfect Wash and Go

September 21, 2018

We’ve worked with Design Essentials® to figure out the easiest way to achieve a wash and go. But first here are a few rules you will need to follow:

Five Rules to Achieving a Wash and Go Easily

1. Understand the term “wash and go”. It literally does not mean you can wash your hair, hop out the tub and keep it moving. Zvine malevels! Wash and go is simply the term used to describe the style.

2. Work in sections. In order to make sure all of your curls are enhanced and clumping beautifully, you must work in sections. It is impossible to take a small amount of product and expect it to work for your entire head. Take each section and be generous when applying the product of choice to your hair in order for your curls to clump. You will notice a big difference.

3. Understand what products enhance your curls the best. Gels, creams, custards, mousses and setting lotions. Each serves a unique purpose depending on your texture. The best way to know is which one will work for you through trial and error.

4. Apply product strategically. Decide if your hair best responds to products applied with styling tools like a brush/ sponge or if using just your hands and fingers will work. Each method yields different results.

5. Be patient and allow ample time for your hair to dry. Whether using a blow dryer to dry or air drying your wash and go, this is the most important step. Try not to manipulate the hair while the product is setting and drying to form the curls. Disturbing your hair at this point will only cause frizz.

So here’s how you can do a Wash and Go on your hair

1. Start with freshly washed hair to remove old product build up. We recommend you prep your hair with the Design Essentials Almond Avocado Collection, including the Detangling Sulphate Free Shampoo and the Detangling Conditioner. These products come from the same line and are designed to complement each other. The detangling sulphate-free Shampoo gently cleanses your hair, infusing it with almond extract for strength and avocado oil to nourish, hydrate, soften and detangle even the curliest and coiliest hair textures.

Almond and Avocado Shampoo
Almond and Avocado Shampoo
Almond and Avocado Detangling Conditioner
Almond and Avocado Detangling Conditioner

2. After cleansing and conditioning, prep your hair with a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners are designed to moisturise and hydrate the hair. We recommend the Almond Avocado Leave-In Conditioner which has a lightweight consistency that is great for all hair types. This product adds an additional moisture layer that will help give your curls extra pop and a softer smoother finish.

3. Next, apply your styling product (gel, mousse, curling cream or custard) to your hair. The Design Essentials collection offers a range of stylers you can try. For loose curls try the Almond Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse. For tighter curls and coils try the Almond Avocado Twist and Set Setting Lotion.

Almond and Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse

4.Apply product to small sections to make sure it’s evenly distributed and coats all your strands. Once the hair is dry seal your strands with moisture using your favourite oil, such as the Coconut and Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist. It is infused with replenishing argan oil which soothes dry, brittle hair, leaving each strand nourished and conditioned.

5. To refresh your curls and control frizz after 2 or 3 days, we recommend you try the Coconut and Monoi Water Curl Refresher. This deep penetrating moisture blend will quench thirsty curls and tame frizz.

Coconut and Monoi Water Curl Refresher
Coconut and Monoi Water Curl Refresher



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