February 13, 2019

By Miriam C.R Mushaikwa
They say ‘charity begins at home’, but who would have known that little bathroom outbursts of a ten-year old fraternal twin were a talent embedded, and would flourish into a world-class musical gift? This is true for this sensational singer and songwriter, whose voice has paved way for appearances on One Gospel and other channels world over. Yes, now you’re curious to get a glimpse into her Music Career right? Read on, for a day in the life of a songbird: Hannah Chikosi-Mapepeta.

Born and raised in Mutare to a devoutly Christian family, Hannah Chikosi-Mapepeta and her twin sister Anna Chikosi-Chundu were far from ordinary girls, taking their voices to the next level and always scooping music awards at School. But Hannah’s talent has outstanding qualities, resisting the time dynamic and triumphing with each passing day. Her creativity and dedication to soul-winning through music is not just a burning burden, but a gift that beams through radios and television sets… Even social media platforms like YouTube and iTunes just can’t get enough of her!

Her devotion has seen her releasing the memorable albums: “Chinyiko”, “MwariVafungaNezvangu” (Roll Away the Stone),“Zvinogoneka” (It Can Be Done) and “KisimusiYechokwadi“ (The True Meaning of Christmas). Having worked locally with Abigail Mutsvunguma, Hannah decided to break into the South African scene, where she recorded a live video titled “TauraKudombo” (Speak to the Rock) which aired on One Gospel with the Skosana Family. The Congo Television also inspired by her mastery talent, indulged her song “RudoRwaMwari” and made it a second anthem!

On the international podium, she has shared the stage with a prominent African American musician Ellen Burrs. Together, they released a track titled ‘My Life Goes On’ dedicated to the late Pastor H.B Chesa and Evangelist Billy Graham, who influenced her spiritual journey and whose lives will always live on through their works. The album included hit tracks such as “Muporofita Moses”, “Ukatarira” and “I Belong to Jesus.” Having painted the African Continent red with her music and taking center stage in Botswana, South Africa and Malawi, she went on to embark on a world tour for Live Music Shows in August last year.

A mother to two lovely children and a wife to a supportive husband, Hannah Chikosi-Mapepeta is indeed an inspiration to many women. So if you’re a bathroom singer, why not explore your talent and find out if it’s a gift embedded?
P.S: She is a French Teacher and also has a Clothing and Design fascination and plays around with Ethnic Prints. So who knows? We might have a new Music-Inspired clothing line;courtesy of Hannah Chikosi-Mapepeta…

  • Hannah Mago

    Oh yes Hannah Mapepeta is an inspiration.


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