Davina Mavuwa Boldly Taking Africa to the World

She is Zimbabwean, real, sassy and as open-minded as they come. These are just a few words that describe the dazzling and opinionated Davina Tarongerwa Mavuwa, one of the panelists of the popular talk show,The Buzz, on Honey TV, DSTV Channel 173. It’s easy to crush on her authenticity and beliefs in being ‘yourself’ at all times, and Davina has brought some contagious confidence and self-love to not only the show but to any African woman who struggles to be themselves in a world dictated by unrealistic beauty standards. We celebrate this beautiful Zimbabwean woman as she continues to blaze trails in the media and TV space, encouraging us to never stop striving and pushing, something very much needed especially in these times.

What was your reason for coming back to Africa after living in Canada for quite a long time?

My husband and I have always shared a love for the motherland. And after having our second child I just knew that I needed to come home. I needed my kids to grow up around family, and people that looked like them. We also really hated the cold, especially for our oldest who suffers from a weak chest. We found that we were taking her to the Children’s hospital at least 3 times in the winter.

You work with influential women from across the continent. How does it feel to be one of these women and a part of a show like The Buzz?

It really feels surreal! I always say I feel like I am living a dream. It’s such an honour to sit among these women and a privilege to call them my friends.

Where do you see Honey TV going as a Pan African lifestyle channel?

I love Honey TV! I really love the Pan African theme. I think having a Pan African Channel may just be what unites us as Africans, and that’s where I see Honey TV going. Honey TV is pioneering pan Africanism in ways that our leaders have failed! Honey TV is and will continue to be the TV channel that brought Africa’s greatest (and all their supporters) together.

And how exactly has it been bringing Africans together?

This part always makes me take a step back and be in complete awe of God. I get emails from people all over Africa speaking so highly of us and The Buzz. And all I can think is, ‘Wow’! This is how God intended it to be. I have regular Buzz watchers from Swaziland, Kenya, Nigeria, Zim, SA and Cameroon! Everywhere!

As a phenomenal woman who is flying the Zimbabwean flag high, what advice would you give to young and aspiring women who want to be in this space?

Fight! Take a chance on yourself. Allow yourself to dream and then allow yourself to try.

What challenges have you noticed that Zimbabwean media is facing and how can the industry improve?

Our only issue in Zimbabwe is how expensive things are. And that’s really just because we use the USD as currency. So to try to come to Zimbabwe as a media investor becomes pricy. That is why South Africa becomes a viable option. I really do think Zimbabwe has a lot of talent, which will never be a challenge for the industry.

What are you looking forward to seeing more of from women in the Zimbabwean TV and media industry?

Unity! I think our people in general lack that unity and love for each other. We seem to be so happy when there is drama around others. If we could unite and work together to empower each other and uplift Zimbabwe, we could take our flag places.

Apart from The Buzz, what else keeps you going and trailblazing?

I run an I.T. project management consulting firm. I am also on the Parent Teachers Association at my daughters’ school. I am currently working with some media companies in Canada to see how we can put some African content out to the rest of the world.

How do you balance family and work?

I love my family! My husband and I have agreed to have what we call Family Sundays. So on Sundays, we do everything together; whether it’s brunch or a hike. We end it with a Sunday dinner.

What do you miss most about being in Zimbabwe?

I really miss my friends. I have some amazing friends who I would love to spend more time with. I also miss the familiarity of home.

How vital is it for women to have voices and platforms like the one you share with your co-panelists? 

I am a huge advocate for women and the girl child. And for the longest time, women and girls have been taught to be seen and not heard, which is the biggest lie ever told. Women are so powerful, yet so gentle. Women are strong yet understanding. So when I sit on that panel and I speak, I feel so empowered. But I also feel like I am endowing other women. Somewhere out there, there is a woman just like me, who wants to speak, who wants to be heard and I hope seeing me and the other ladies on The Buzz gives them that strength to speak up. In doing so, it allows her voice to be heard because her voice really matters. It is crucial to always be reminded about the importance of our voices and knowing how as women we have our unique qualities, we have dynamic characters and personalities that the world craves for.


For a woman who professionally comes from the IT field, Davina exhibits the need to follow our dreams and listen to our inner voices. By doing so, we will break barriers, live without limits or expectations from society and most importantly change the lives of others by showing them the power of self. As a part of The Buzz, Davina flies the Zimbabwean flag high with her colourful and original vibe. She is not afraid of answering the tough questions; never sugar coats the truth and continues to push for the voices of African women to be heard.

Catch The Buzz on Honey TV DSTV Channel 173 and interact with Davina @authentically_davina on social media.


By Delyse Gimani


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