Contemporary African Literature in The Maldives… Ellinah and Chiedza Share Their Favourite Things

November 16, 2020

Read/TV Show
Chiedza: I love watching and reading period dramas. And I love post-colonial literature, especially contemporary African writers.

Holiday Destination
Chiedza: Maldives. Most beautiful place I have ever been.

Chiedza: Two Broke Twimbos. Those guys are hilarious.



Dish or Eat Out
Chiedza: Favourite place to ever to eat is Hakassan in London, but favourite cuisine is Indian.

Beauty Must Have
Chiedza: Urban Decay, Stay Naked Foundation.

Celebrity Influence
Chiedza: So cliché but I love Oprah and admire the scale on which she has transformed lives.



Guilty Pleasure/Self-Care Indulgence
Chiedza: Netflix!

Mantra/Quote You Live By:
Ellinah: ‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better’ Maya Angelou
Chiedza: “Omni mea mecum porto” literally means ‘all my things, I carry with me’, or more figuratively, ‘everything I need for this journey, I have within me’.

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