Combating the winter chill with natural remedies

June 5, 2017

That dreaded winter time is here! It’s totally the norm to experience a bit of ‘hair loss drama’ and for ladies, weaves and braiding become a head shield to counter the harsh weather. The skin is usually prone to the chill bites and it immediately goes on strike, resulting in a dull and ragged-looking surface lacking natural vibrancy and glow. Even flue becomes a dark shadow and you might be forced to hoard different hankies and tissue becomes an essential handbag accessory. Winter is definitely one of the trickiest seasons and there’s need for each and every individual to combat the chill. Body edification and care remain an essential regardless of the season because looking dazzling is a MUST, always. You can sail through winter with the aid of these few natural remedies. Read on!

Coconut oil. 

This kitchen essential works wonders as a skin toner and hair food product so instead of forking out tonnes of money looking for the perfect skin care product in winter, simply grab a bottle of organic coconut oil and place it amongst your most priced beauty products. It’s a perfect night-time mask as it is easily absorbed by the skin. After having your evening facial scrub, apply it gently and allow it to soak for protection and revitalising of the skin. Coconut oil and shampoo make a great combo; add it to your favourite shampoo and watch it weave out its wonders. Not only does it restore texture but it revives the shine and hair density.

Castor oil.

Thick oil acts as a complete winter covering for both the hair and skin. Just like a heavy coat which shields against the wind, frost and cold; the thickness of castor oil lasts longer on the scalp than most products and it’s perfect for warmth. It protects hair from breakage and also softens it, making it easier to manage after the winter fall. Natural castor oil is also good for kids and for those individuals with eczema as it smoothens rough skin and reduces skin itching and dryness.


Our immune system is usually shaken up and changes in pattern during winter. Always stock lemons and temporarily adopt them as one of your ‘favourite’ citrus fruits in your refrigerator to avoid buying flue meds time and again. If you catch a cold, boil lemons and add a few guava leaves, ginger and honey to the natural concoction. Drink as a tea for relief and immunal boost and even if you don’t have flue, the citrus acts as a purifier as it flushes the system. Lemons are also good for the skin if added to bathing water because they cleanse and even the skin.

Olive oil.

Next time when you walk down the shop aisle, don’t forget to drop a bottle of olive oil into the basket. This product is an all-rounder- perfect for those winter fat cooks and yet a favourite for the hair. Yes, this essential oil moisturises hair when added to a conditioning cream or balm. Play around with it for skin massages and toning; mix it with an avocado and apply it as a mask to open the pores. Remember to cover your eyes with cucumbers and don’t mind the smell, it’s just olives!

There’s no better satisfaction than knowing that a product can be doubled or trippled in use. So until next time Divas, combat this winter chill with an audacious face and a brazen-faced ego, knowing that after a few months; there’s a strapless summer dress, swim suit and a free-flowing hair-do to take on and sway into the new season with a loud bang!

Authored by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa

Freelance writer and editor

Facebook: Miriam Rujeko Mushaikwa

Instagram: clare.miriam.rujeko



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