Chipo Chung: A ‘Gift’ To The World

February 27, 2021

In the midst of a battle for freedom, comfort was given. She was born in a refugee camp in Tanzania, where her parents sought refuge from the Zimbabwean liberation war. Not only was she a “gift”, but unbeknown to the world, a Star had been born…….


The Star? Our very own local talent – the beautiful actress Chipo Tariro Chung. The London based Zimbabwean-Chinese actress, who is also a Film Director, is based in London where she’s making great strides in the world of entertainment. She has appeared on the screen in a chain of movies and series’ and we know she’s only getting started. This is the story of Chipo Chung, The Gift…….



The Beginning…….

Born on the 17th of August 1977, Chipo Tariro Chung is the daughter of the Former Minister of Economic Development, Rugare Gumbo and Dr Fay King Chung, an Educationist and former Minister of Education. Chipo was born in a refugee camp in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, during the liberation war in the then Rhodesia. The first two years of her life were spent in a refugee camp in Mozambique, where she would joyfully sing and dance despite the apprehensive atmosphere. Chipo and her mother moved to Zimbabwe, Harare in 1980. She attended Blakiston Primary School for her primary education then went on to Dominican Convent High School where she developed a passion for acting, joining the Drama Club where she developed her skills. Chipo was a brilliant student in high school and scored high grades in all her subjects.

During her last years at Convent, she became the Drama Teacher, Head of the Debate Club and the Head Girl of the school. At the same time, she participated in plays at Reps Theatre. Her acting skills were further refined when she joined Chipawo alongside fellow actress Danai Gurira and the late singer Chiwoniso Maraire. After being an active member of the Repteens at Reps Theatre she went on to join the theatre company “Over The Edge.” Chipo moved to the United States where she studied Theatre Studies and Art at YALE University. When she graduated she moved to the UK and enrolled at The Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art to advance her talent.



The Journey……

Chipo’s acting career took off when she performed in several political theatre productions such as Talking To Terrorists at the Royal Court. Her first film acclaim was as the voice of Icarus II in the movie Sunshine. She made her debut on the television screens when she made a two-time appearance in the popular British Series Doctor Who. Since then Chipo has been starring in several TV productions such as Holby City (2007), The Last Enemy (2008), In The Loop (2009), Identity (2010),Sherlock (2012),amongst other numerous productions. Her biggest moment was when she starred in the series A.D The Bible Continues (2015), where she played the role of Mary Madgelene .She also starred in the recent  series Into The Badlands (2019). Chipo has also been honored with some Awards for her outstanding talent. She received the Trumbull College Arts Prize from YALE University and she was also awarded for her outstanding contribution to the Media Industry at the Zimbabwe Achiever’s Award UK 2017.



Giving Back To Society…

But not only does she shine her talent on the screen, the actress also shines her light on key societal issues in Zimbabwe and Africa, giving back through various initiatives and affiliations. Chipo is an activist and works with the Charity Peace Direct in support of Envision Zimbabwe, a women’s trust that works towards consensus-building and peace in Zimbabwe. She also co-founded SAFE-Kenya, an organisation which advocates for social change in Kenya, focusing on HIV education and the abolishment of clitoridectomy. She is also part of the RADA Council and British Equity’s International Committee for Artists Freedom(ICAF).





By Chido Kakora





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