How Chiedza and Ellinah Both Got it From Their Mamas!

November 16, 2020

Ellinah: My Mother, Carolyn Chipumha. She is the strongest woman I know. My mother is an ambitious woman. She is intelligent and very smart. She is a career woman who worked for someone for years then eventually became an entrepreneur. I always said I wanted to be the ‘Boss’ she is. I learnt a lot about business from her, being the successful businesswoman she is. Although career wise she excelled, she was also a loving mother. Seeing how she juggled work and family inspired me because I did not think it was easy but she did it flawlessly. She is always there when we need her. I can definitely say she is my role model…the person I want to be.

Chiedza: My Mum, Dorothy Mutizwa-Mangiza is the woman I admire the most. She’s tiny like me, but boy does she pack a punch. She is unapologetic about taking up space and takes life on with exceptional boldness and grace. She told me once she made a decision when she was a child that her life would matter, and that’s lived with me. I have seen her make incredible sacrifices to pursue incredible goals, like leaving her two kids in the care of their dad to do a PhD. This is why and how I know with every fibre in my body that self-actualisation, especially as a woman, matters. In my career and in my life, there have been many women who have held the door open for me, trusted me in partnership and friendship, inspired me by being present and attentive, supported me emotionally, and trained me by being unrelenting in their demand for excellence.

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