Chi…Trust Yourself and Trust That the Universe is Always Working for Your Highest Good

November 16, 2020


You are here. The love and the resilience of your forefathers has brought you here. You are made of tough stuff and are here to do beautiful work. As you do, move with love. Be kind to those on your journey and always look for the good in people. Love without expectation and without fear of not being loved back. Remember that you own nothing but yourself in this world and you are just passing through. People, places and things come and they go and that is the way of life. Do not fear any man, and do not be afraid of the world. Trust yourself and trust that the universe is always working for your highest good. Be loving to yourself, and never forget that only you determine your worth. Listen to your inner voice, it will always guide you. Do not be afraid of pleasure, and chase joy fearlessly. Everything will be fine in the end.


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