April 25, 2018

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind?

The dream I just had the night before… (Laughs)I try to recollect what it was about. Then pray about it if I can remember the dream. I pray about all my dreams because I believe every dream has a meaning. So in my prayer I’ll be asking for protection, guidance and understanding.

Which insects freak you out and why?

OMG SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!! Eish *cringe* those creatures are weird sha.  I’m okay with the house spiders. It’s the ones that move with their bodies off the ground that I can’t deal with. The way their legs move, aaaah… I can’t deal. Then there’s the spider webs. Those scare me just as much, because you just know that there’s a spider close by*Laughs* I’m also scared of the praying mantis! *crying face*

Girls night out, what’s that one thing that puts the cherry on top for you?

Hmmm… That’s a hard one. There’s too many…Hahaha. Ok. Umhm… A good time for everyone withstories to talk about the following morning.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

*smiles*I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be on radio and TV entertaining people and making them smile while informing them about the hottest and coolest news and stories.

When I grow up… I…

…want to be adopted by Oprah Winfrey…hahaha. *Straight face* When I grow up, I want to go into Artist Development and Management. There’s so much talent in Zimbabwe, but not many professionals managing the talent in ways that would push most musicians beyond being known by just Zimbabweans around the world.

What is / who is your major source of inspiration?

The what and who: My own mother –“Gogo”/ Mai Mugwira(my son won’t let me call her Mummy anymore, hanzi she is not your mum. She’s our Gogo) *Laughs*. My mum worked hard for my brother and I, she went through the wire and came out alive and strong. She’s such a good listener, advisor, so calm and cool, patient, diplomatic and the complete opposite of me hahaha.She inspires me to want to be a better woman and mother. She’s amazing kani. She’s such a prayer warrior too.

If you were stuck in the Amazon, what would you want to have in your backpack?

How many things am I allowed to put in it? *Laughs*. Ok. Insect repellent! A large bottle pleeaasseee! 2 bottles of mineral water. Hmmm… The amazon is hot, so I can’t carry any strawberry yoghurt and chocolate. Ok so a packet of crisps, a packet of maputi, my power bank and my cellphone cos you know I’ll want to take lots of photos to show y’all what it was like in the Amazon ayeeeee*dabs* *hahaha*. Oh yah, and I’ll need to call 112 for help too.

Describe a great Sunday afternoon

Me, being home all day watching TV with my son and being able to take an uninterrupted 3 hour nap during the day.

What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard and how did you respond to it?

“Baby wakanakaiwe. I think urihanzvadziyaJesuchete. Ukandidandinobvumakuita disciple yako. Plus ndine problem yekupereramurudo, so I’ll be loyal to only you.” I laughed so hard I cried. He laughed too. *Hahaha.*

What is the best decision you have ever made?

Deciding to never give up on wanting to be in broadcasting. Radio and TV are therapeutic. I enjoy it every time I’m on air, and working on the production for my show gives me an adrenaline rush everytime.

Tell us something that ‘we’ all don’t know about you that we should know.

Ok, so I know a lot of people probably won’t believe this, but it’s the truthiest truth about Chamvary……… I AM ACTUALLY A SHY PERSON…well…sometimes. Ndinonyarakusvikapanzvimbopakazaravanhu. So I cover it up by giggling or getting someone to walk into the room with me. Wait… Just one? Can I tell you another one? I have 5smiles – The polite smile, the I’m about to ask you for something smile, the I’m nervous smile, the happy and wait for it smile and lastly, the You just made me blush smile *smiles*.

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