Celebrating Black History Month

February 2, 2018

February is not just the month of ‘love’. The United States dedicates the month of February to honour the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout history. Every year, February is therefore known as the Black History Month. This move began as the grassroots effort of African-American historian Carter G. Woodson.

The U.S Embassy in Harare kicked off the month with a film screening of ‘In the Heat of the Night ,’ a murder mystery set during the Civil Rights movement . The film won five Academy Awards , including Best Picture, and stars Sidney Poitier , the first black actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. The soundtrack is by Quincy Jones, known for his work with Michael Jackson.

The Divas Inc team managed to have a word with the visiting Zimbabwe Desk Officer, Don Cordell from Washington DC. He joined the kick off event and said this was his second trip to Zimbabwe. He went on to say, ‘The people of Zimbabwe are fantastic, they tell their own story very well, I love their work ethic and intelligence.’ There was no way he could have missed the local people’s intelligence because, after the movie there was a discussion about the movie that was open to all. The discussion was chaired by John Taylor, who is the Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy. The audience participated well exhibiting a high level of understanding of the transitional period from the racial segregation period in the United States.  He promised more interesting, educative and enlightening activities throughout the month.

The Divas Inc team will keep you updated!!!

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