Calling all Bossbabes -Dr Ru Launches #BOSSBABESUMMIT

May 31, 2020

Please give us some background on the summit –what it is and why you started it? 

#BossBabe Summit is a gathering of women thriving in the business of arts, politics, the corporate world, entrepreneurship, and community building globally. The BossBabe Summit is for professional and progressive women globally. They convene in Zimbabwe annually to celebrate, affirm, empower, inspire, and provide meaningful solutions to matters of business and community. The Boss Babe Summit aims to merge and ignite passions for more effective solutions to society. While we push for bold and effective leaders in business and community, #BossBabe Summit encourages a lifestyle for #BossBabes to be whole emotionally, mentally, and all other areas of their lives.


Why choose to host this epic summit in Zimbabwe this year? 

I didn’t- honestly, it happened because it was time. I always had the heart and dream to serve, and I’m grateful the BossBabe Summit started in 2020.


Is it the first of what’s to become an annual event? 

We will be running the summit for the next ten years until we evolve into something else as the need arises.


What are the plans for the summits locally, regionally, and continentally? 

The summit will only be held in Zimbabwe for the next ten years, and it is intended to grow into a global summit in those ten years. However, throughout the year, we have other initiatives online, and in other countries, dubbed #BossBabe Hangouts and BossBabe Conversations.


Do you have any community development or corporate social enterprises in the works for the next generation of #Bossbabes i.e., the young girls in Zimbabwe?

Yes, we do. Apart from the support, we offer individuals free leadership development coaching; we are in the process of acquiring something not only for women but for the community, and we will share with you in good time.


And how does the ordinary yet aspiring #bossbabe access your brand and its resources?

We are 100% accessible online via our social media platforms @Bossbabeactivated and our website, In our network, we have experts who offer free sessions that support wholeness in women and better communities.


Based off of your living mantra… “Leaders are born, better leaders are developed, the greatest are called” Which one best describes you individually? 

(smiling) I wasn’t satisfied with just my passion for service through leadership; I wanted to learn more about leadership so that I can genuinely develop others as I develop myself too. Leadership is service, and for me, it’s a service I can offer even if no one pays me for it.


A word of encouragement and wisdom to the starting up and upcoming #Bossbabe?

You don’t wake up a #bossbabe. You invest in yourself and develop attributes that make you BECOME a #bossbabe. #BossBabe is not a status; it’s a lifestyle of a higher standard of leadership, service, integrity, passion, purpose, hard work, and learning. Sometimes it takes significant coaching and mentorship to become the best version of a #BossBabe. Do not stop investing in yourself.


By: Tendai Jangano

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