“We’re bringing home the bacon and cooking it up too…”

March 8, 2021

Some of what reality has taught me in this time, is what I hope to share in this letter to you. Take this for example; in a world where more women are making more money than ever, in more different ways . . . MOST WOMEN still have no one representing their financial interests. Then of the ones that do, they’re only encouraged to spend the bulk of their time and hard won wealth investing for their children and families, but very rarely in anything for themselves. I experienced and felt firsthand how little support and sound advice women have access to. This will never make sense to me, when more than ever before; women are not only pulling their weight in the workforce, but carrying it too. This is on top of keeping their households running and thriving. We’re bringing home the bacon and cooking it up too. Financially it’s the greatest era to have been born a woman, and yet, our newly found financial muscle is not being handled with the same seriousness. Well, you can change that, one-dollar at a time. And the earlier you start thinking and acting accordingly, the sooner you will see change happen. So here’s my advice for you, if you can understand and accept that your eventual financial success is a journey that will consist of ups and downs, that as long as you make the right decisions, you will grow throughout this journey. More importantly, you will learn throughout this journey.



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