Bold, Badass & Biking: The Zim Biker Queen, Evonne Mudzingwa Unapologetically Living Life On Her Terms and Making History…

She is Bold, Badass and loves Biking. Meet Evonne Mudzingwa, aka the Biker Queen. A total adrenalin junkie at heart, it was love at 1st ride for Eve when she rode her father’s motorbike at the age of thirteen, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now chasing the thrills and adventures of biking is what pumps her up, giving her an unparalleled adrenaline rush and pushing her to scale even greater heights. And she is fearlessly scaling those heights, recently listed by BBC as one of the top 100 women of 2021 making an impact in male dominated spaces. Not one to follow the crowd, this badass biker chic has always been her own kind of woman and we love her for it!! She shares some of her adventures and aspirations with us….


 When and how did you become ‘The Biker Queen’?

My first experience with biking was on my father’s 120cc Honda when I was 13 years old. I fell in love with the bike and jumped on it whenever I could. Several years later, inspired by the biking posts on social media by a friend, I decided it was time. I immediately fell in love with the Kawasaki Brand and bought the 10th Anniversary Kawasaki Ninja 300 as a starter bike.

What gives you the ‘drive’, where does your fire and motivation come from?

The fear of being ordinary mostly. My late dad is my inspiration. He was no ordinary dad, he was unapologetic. He was that dad who wore dungarees to a meeting where everyone else wore safari suits. Growing up I was always that child whom mothers forbade their daughters from hanging out with because I didn’t fit their norm for a girl. I didn’t like rules, dresses or ribbons and boys were my best friends. I was an only girl in a family of four strong boys and we had a really cool and outspoken dad. I am also a total adrenaline junkie, always chasing the next thrill and challenge. Riding is my therapy, my motorbike is my therapist and I have the most amazing biking family.

  You were listed in the BBC 100 Women List 2021 for being a powerful woman making waves in a male dominated space(Congratulations!!!) How do you feel about such a huge recognition?

It’s still so so so surreal. I didn’t know what the BBC 100 Women list was all about until I was listed. When I read and watched the stories about the other women over the years, I was truly humbled. It is such a huge honor to be recognized as one of the women who are globally breaking barriers. I was just out here being me and just living my life. Anyone who has children knows how hard it is to get a compliment from them. Being profiled on BBC was acknowledged by my daughters and that means everything to me. I hope they are proud of me and that I have shown them that by being true to themselves,they can achieve so much , even if it’s not the norm. All this would not have happened if Rumbi Katedza had not seen my worth and decided to profile me, I am so grateful to her.

Speaking of your daughters, how supportive is your family of your biking?

All my brothers are bikers and I know my father having been a biker himself would have been supportive. My brothers get it, we share bikes; my daughters shrug it off, it’s just mom being mom.

Biking is considered to be an activity prone to accidents. Have you ever experienced an accident before? 

I have never been in an accident but I have lost many beloved people over the years. To say biking is prone to accidents is not very accurate. I have lost people most dear to me because of the negligence of the motorist. Biking is not dangerous, it’s the motorists who are on their phones driving. The motorists who miss bikers in their blindspots, the motorists who switch lanes without checking their review mirrors that make it seem like bikers are prone to accidents.

You’ve toured many places in Zimbabwe. Can you tell us your Top 5 favourite places you’ve toured so far?

I have been so blessed to have been able to ride to the most beautiful places in Zimbabwe. It’s a tight competition, Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, Nyanga, Vumba and Kariba. Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country, it’s difficult to have one favourite place.

Your next destination?

My dream is to have a Zimbabwean girls biking club and I know it’s going to happen soon, that’s my destination. I have ridden from Harare, Vic Falls and Zambia and came back to Zimbabwe via Kariba. I want to ride to Zambia, Malawi , Botswana and from Johannesburg to Harare. I think I have inspired and motivated enough girls and women to venture into biking. I also think I have set a good moral example.

Do you have a ‘dream bike’ that you have to own one day? 

Indian Tourer, that’s my absolute dream bike. It’s sexy and comfortable for the long rides that I plan on having in the future.

A true biker must have a cruiser, a sports bike and a tourer. Kawasaki R10, a Harley fatboy and the Indian tourer will make The Zim_Biker_Queen complete.

Finally, can we have a motivational quote please from THE Zim Biker Queen…..

Baby girl, live YOUR life, be you, do not conform to the societal norms and pressures. Be the best version of yourself unapologetically, the world will adjust.



By:Chido Kakora

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