Your “Lady’s” Health: Getting intimate with your Vajay jay

February 24, 2017

Not much is discussed in the way of keeping your vagina clean. Of all the things we were taught by mum; cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, not much was said about keeping the vagina clean and fresh. The closest we came was simply being told that a woman baths, emphasis on the word bath. By: Sithandekile Nyoni

Although we didn’t hear much about it, keeping your vagina clean is probably one of the most important aspects of keeping your body clean. It has always been assumed that every woman knows how best to keep her lady clean but the truth is, not all of us know! Really? Yes, really! You might have assumed that you know when truth is you have been going about it the wrong way. There is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. And the way you keep your vagina clean impacts your overall hygiene, your scent, your health and your sex life. We know the mention of your sex life got us your full undivided attention!

Meet vajayjay

Before we go into the hows and how not to’s, allow us to formally introduce your vagina to you. The vagina is a very sensitive part that requires great care. However, it is not as attention seeking as you believe it is. The vagina knows how to take care of itself which is shown by its self-cleansing mechanisms. The vagina has an optimum pH like all else and does not require much interference in case you mess up its natural systems!

With that in mind, here goes:

Although as you bath, soap may inevitably be washed to your vagina, do not, we repeat, do not under any conditions use soap to wash your vagina. This is because soap contains chemicals that affect the PH of your vagina. As a result it dries out and this may make your sexual rendezvous a little or very uncomfortable. Not to mention your health. A pH change in your vagina gives way to bacterial growth and leaves you vulnerable to STIs and other infections.

So no soap down there you may ask?

Is that thorough enough? Yes! Unlike the sole of your feet, your vagina is extremely capable of keeping itself clean and fresh.

What then?

We had to ask Cleopatra Chikumba, a Sexual and Reproductive Health Officer and she emphasized on not using soaps and all those products that are rubbed in our faces. “Cold, clean water is more than enough to wash your vagina. The vulva may need more attention than the vagina to wash up but still clean water is more than enough. However, do not insert any products in your vagina in a bid to clean it. It merely disturbs the vagina and may affect its self-cleaning capabilities.”

So take notes, ladies:

  • Preferably, your lady should be the first thing you wash with clean, soap less water. The face is more capable to deal with the different chemicals in your shower gel but the vagina is more skilled in fighting its own battles than fighting external problems.
  • If you have been using a particular product to wash your lady and all of a sudden you have developed an itch, stop using and resort to good old water. If the itching persists, visit your gynae in case you have a real problem.
  • If you are convinced you are giving off an odd smell down there, do not resort to using soap and other products to wash your vagina. If anything, they might worsen the situation. Stick to washing your vagina with water and seek health care ASAP.
  • One more thing ladies, the vagina might be self-cleansing but the vulva is not self-drying. After a shower, pat (keyword-pat, not rub) it dry and leave no room for moisture that can be the breaking ground for a yeast infection.

At the end of the day, ladies, a little faith in your vagina goes a long way!

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