Best Hair Products For Winter

July 17, 2017

So winter is upon us and it’s important to ensure that you use the right products for your hair. Believe it or not, winter is very detrimental to our hair because the air around us lacks moisture, is very dry and has the ability of taking out our own hairs moisture. So here are my tips to grow out your hair with certain types of products:

Hair milks- I always thought that moisturizers had to be of moisturizing properties only, I didn’t realize that protein based moisturizers could revitalize the hair just as well. Hair milks are great for transitioning hair and for hair during colder weather. Imagine strengthening your hair whilst moisturizing at the same time!

Deep conditioner – these are vital to our hairs growth! I never miss out on a deep conditioning session because these products actually replace lost moisture or depleted levels of protein in the hair. When it’s cold, I always try to use a deep conditioner that is both protein and moisture balanced! Also, you might want to increase your deep conditioning sessions from 30 minutes to about an hour or longer, just to intensify the whole session. Feel free to add oils such as olive oil or castor oil.

Heavy sealants – products such as pomades, thick oils and butters help to create a barrier that is thick enough to withstand the harsh weather and keep in moisture for longer. Although I haven’t tried a pomade, I am familiar with oils such as castor oil or jojoba oil and butters such as Shea Butter.


Blow dry creams- air drying in winter is quite difficult because it takes the hair a longer time to dry, particularly if you have braids in as your protective style. So for those who would like to blow dry, I would recommend using a heat protectant or blow dry creams that work as heat protectants.

Leave in conditioner – leave-in conditioners are my secret weapons for my hair because I don’t want to wash my hair and have it weighed down and wet for long due to the cold air. So instead of having a long washday, I will just use a leave in conditioner.

Creamy co-washes- creamy co-washes and sulphate free moisturising shampoos will be a sure winner for your hair this winter. You need to make sure your scalp is clean and that your hair isn’t stripped from the moisture it desperately needs.

The combination of the right products and technique is the key to long healthy hair. Winter is the best time to obtain optimum results because we often leave our hair alone in a protective style.

You always want to look at the ingredients list on the product of your choice. Stay away from products with mineral oil (liquid paraffin), petroleum, parabens, silicones and sodium laureth sulphates


Happy hair growing


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