Because Your Mental Health Matters: Organisations in Zimbabwe To Reach Out To….

Mental health is an often overlooked aspect of our lives, despite it’s importance. This adds a bigger veil of obscurity to the subject when one decides to look into getting help dealing with any mental health issues they might face. We really do not have a clear idea of who we can speak to or who can direct us to centers that provide mental health assistance. The good news is, despite it not being an overly popular subject in some of our social circles, there are places that provide assistance in Zimbabwe. We have highlighted some centres that offer assistance with mental health and counseling. .

Christian Counseling Center

Despite the name, you don’t need to be a Christian or religious in any regard to seek help here. The Christian counseling center as the name suggests offers counseling and mental health services. They also regularly conduct free online seminars. You can email them on or get in touch with them on +263 4 744580/744212 or +263 773 547544 or +263 712 719626.

Create Zim

This is a platform for youths to connect and use their talents recreationally. Create Zim is a youth led community organisation that values and supports Zimbabweans in their journey towards positive mental health. They offer mindfulness workshops and free consultations with professionals.

You can get in touch with them on their hotline on +263772634466 (on whatsapp too) for more information.

They are @create_zim on Instagram and @CreateZim on Twitter

Connect Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy

CONNECT offers counselling, training, research and consultancy services to all sectors of the Zimbabwe society. Their objective is to provide counselling and therapeutic services for individuals, families and communities to overcome a wide variety of social challenges.

You can visit their

Or call them on +263 (242) 741726 / 741719 / 741794 or 0778 914501.

Their emails are: [email protected] or [email protected]

Contact them via WhatsApp on +263 713 794 846 to book an appointment.

The Friendship Bench

The friendship bench offers free online counseling to youths in Zimbabwe. They also have a website that you can use and get assistance.

You can visit the or contact [email protected]  or +263784845294. They are also available on social media and their handles are: @friendshipbench @youthbench on twitter or @friendship_bench_zimbabwe @youth_bench_zimbabwe on IG

PHOEBE Zimbabwe

PHOEBE Zimbabwe focuses mainly on gender based advocacy. They mostly  cater for women who are in vulnerable situations. If you know anyone who is in such a predicament you can direct them to the PHOEBE Zimbabwe website or their facebook page or contact them [email protected] or +263714396012.

You can also find them on twitter: @PhoebeZimbabwe on twitter and @phoebe_zimbabwe on Instagram.

Musasa Project

One of Zimbabwe’s most popular and in our opinion long standing NGOs whose operations are based on advocacy, peace building and provision of direct  services such as counselling, legal aid, medical assistance, life skills and temporary shelter to survivors of gender based violence. You can get in touch with them via their website or contact [email protected] or call them on their toll free number 08080074

Alternatively you can WhatsApp them on +2637754423000. For the adult rape clinic contact 0775672770.


This is one first Mental Wellness chat app of its kind in Zimbabwe.  Xoxa is basically a virtual Mental Health clinic where people can virtually talk to a counsellor when they need to instant messaging style. Xoxa, which is isiNdebele for talk has had 600 unique chats since its inception in late 2019.You can chat to volunteers between 9am and 9pm about pretty much anything and everything. Amazing right?

Go to their to book an appointment.

Africa Open Up

This is a much needed space for teenagers to talk about issues they may not be comfortable telling their parents or who have parents who work a lot and don’t have the time to talk.

Their address is

or contact  them on +263777791626 or email [email protected].

Zimbabwe OCD trust

This organisation raises awareness and provides support to individuals and Zimbabwean communities who suffer from OCD and anxiety disorders.

Visit  or mailto:[email protected]. Alternatively you can call +263772298286.

 Global Institute of Emotional Health and Wellness

Their aim is to help people achieve mental and emotional well-being through innovative platforms that are accessible and free. Conditions of interest are abuse, addiction, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression and PTSD.

Visit additional information or you can contact +263772108108 or +263775715015.

Wired2 love and Thrive

They offer a safe space for men and women to gather, support and enhance mental wellbeing and they strive to empower you to speak honestly and candidly, so you can begin your own journey to healing.

Follow them on social media on or

Join the conversations on +2630773028971/+263073225376.

Despite their high prevalence in the lives of most individuals, mental health challenges are rarely discussed in society and as such, the issue of mental health remains such a necessary conversation to have. Hopefully these organisations that are striving to have these conversations and to help individuals cope with mental health issues will help push people to sit down and re-evaluate their stance on mental health.


By: Nyaradzo Ngoma


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