Away with the Work-itics!!!

February 5, 2018

Work relationships sometimes seem like an ally system. I have noticed that sometimes you are forced to choose who to side with, who to befriend or who to tread carefully around. A lot of people say that’s work life. I beg to differ. Our elders managed to build long lasting friendships with their workmates. This explains some of the aunts, uncles and even cousins who are not biologically related to us.

When did a place of work become a war zone where you have to come with your guns loaded with bullets to blaze anyone who disagrees with you? When did competition become more internal than external? When did we start needing triple alliance systems in our work places? Is there a third world war coming in our work places that needs a military strategy? I’m still in the process of trying to make sense of this.

 I know we are humans we are bound to clash, have different opinions and different lifestyles because we come from different backgrounds. But we seem to all understand the art of office war as if we all went through the same boot camp for this. Work-itics as I call them because it’s just misunderstandings that can be solved if people leave their differences aside and compliment their weaknesses.  After All we spend more hours at work than we do at home.

Why not make the working days a great experience, minimise work politics, choose your battles wisely!!!

By Gugulethu Masha

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