Ashley Morgen- Zimbabwe’s Black Diamond

August 7, 2017

We had a brief chat with the pageant queen, reigning Miss Tourism Zw and former Miss NUST just for a little bit of her heart 🙂

How has your reign been thus far?

It’s been amazing…Filled with new learning points and adventures…Still thankful for the favour & grace!

How did you manage to balance the crown and your studies?

I had to sacrifice some commitments & minimise the travelling because it was purely my wish to secure my graduation this year and not defer.

What do you think is the greatest success of your reign thus far?

I believe the greatest moment was on the 26th of November 2016 when I won because it was a breakthrough l had yearned for the longest. Nothing beats knowing God finally said yes!

You have made it no secret that you adore your mum. What’s the greatest lesson learnt from her?

I’ve watched life beat her down in the most cruel ways but she always gets up & keeps her faith. Such strength has taught me perseverance.

You have successfully managed to keep your private life private. How did you make that possible?

Haha…well that’s because there really isn’t much to hide. I’m actually open & I let people guess or assume whatever if they do not ask me!

Speaking of your private life, is there a special somebody somewhere somewhere?

“Special” huh… (laughs). Everyone in my life is special. I love all of you too much

A beautiful woman like you obviously has every guy’s attention. What do you like in a guy? that opening statement certified? (laughs) What I like in a guy is a sense of humour and the ability to hold down an intelligent conversation. Those are key with 1st impressions….


Outside pageants and marketing, what other interests do you have?

I love fashion and I love kids…So I’m working on building projects that will allow me to explore more fashion and reach out to children.

That’s it folks! Do look out for our upcoming issue for more on the pageant queen.

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