Ara Kani: Nkululeko Ncube- The brains to the Designs

August 21, 2017

As an active person on social media, how effective has social media been in growing your brand?

I think it’s actually the most effective marketing tool at this age we live in. It’s been very effective. That’s the only marketing tool I’ve been using all along and it’s been working great.

What’s that one social media tip you would share to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Just be consistent with content. Always interact with your brand followers. Don’t go for a whole month without new content, people forget.

How has relocating to South Africa helped in building your brand?

It’s probably the best move I’ve ever made. Fashion is big here, people actually appreciate it and they would pay anything. As long as the product is legit and the designs are fresh. Unlike in Zim where people are busy trying to survive to bother with such.

What are your opinions on the fashion industry of Zimbabwe? 

It’s non-existent. No major fashion shows are happening or whatsoever. Even the general public doesn’t recognize fashion designers in Zim.

What are the greatest challenges faced by young people venturing into the fashion industry?

I’ll speak for myself. It’s always been funding. Getting the necessary material and machinery to grow a brand is a mission without money.

You recently launched the SKEIF line. What  was the inspiration behind it?

3/4 of the time I don’t know what inspired me to do certain designs or collection. I just come up with an idea and work on it. On SKEIF i collaborated with my brother Dube creative of SKEIF Co & we thought since Athleisure is a thing right now why not do that too. I’d say my designs are mostly inspired by Japanese Street Wear. It’s too nice over there. I just give them my own twist.  And the response from the general public on the streets has been like WOW.

Which is your one favourite of all your creations?

This has to be my favourite piece yet. I might just do a whole Jean collection after SKEIF.


Your passion for the colours red, black and white is clear in your work- is there a background story to it?

My favorite color is black. White and red just come in bc that’s our logo colors but no there’s no story behind it.

Lastly, we have to ask about the special lady- describe her in one word.

There’s no special lady. Beeeeen single af.


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