August 23, 2017

We’ve all heard the buoyant COSAFA and ZIFA president, Phillip Chiyangwa say the popular phrase, “apa hauna cash”. Probably through a trending edited video. In fact you probably hear his voice say it- “apa hauna cash” when you are lusting over some item that’s well beyond your financial capabilities. Well, not to digress. Phillip Chiyangwa, whom you might know as King Selfie, has done it and launched the “apa hauna cash” clothing label.

You might be wondering what “apa hauna cash” means. Simply put- you don’t have money, kodwa awula mali, you are broke. We could go on and on. Whilst the phrase did open sores, it did trend and became one of the most loved phrases. The apa hauna cash T-Shirts come in round necks and golf tees with prices ranging from $5-$8.50 in blue, white, orange and red.

The question is- asina cash ndiyani, atenga T-shirt kana kuti arikuverenga zvakanyorwa pa T-shirt yakapfekwa nemumwe ndiyani?

  • sean nyamukanza

    nice label,cant we buy them online?

    • Divas

      Kindly follow Phillip Chiyangwa and perhaps he might shed light on their availability online.


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