About Zodwa Wabantu and Many Unsaid Words

August 24, 2017

A few weeks ago, Zodwa Libra known as Zodwa Wabantu visited the city of Bulawayo and the response was AMAZING. Amazing as in, a number of people were in awe and amazing as in people’s shock and criticism was overwhelming.

Allow us to give you a brief background on Zodwa Wabantu. She is a 32 year old lady who left her 8-5 to be an entertainer. Entertain she did; with her influence expanding past the South African boarders. Perhaps her popularity was sparked by her dressing which leaves little to the imagination with her being caught on camera with no panties a couple of time. her unapologetic style has left tongues wagging.

Her black Durban July dress (see pic) was one of the many eyebrow raising outfits she has been seen in. When asked about whether she was sending out a message, she highlighted that her pic was acknowledging the imperfections of women; inside and out what with the cellulite and all. The unsaid question was, why should we hide it all when in truth we are just imperfect? Key to note was her argument that anyone should wear what they feel comfortable in, revealing or not.

Apparently Zodwa Wabantu has been invited to Zim on condition she wears panties.

Our question is?

All the name calling- prostitute and what not, is it justified?

Is it OK to request that Zodwa Wabantu wears underwear?

Is it policing a woman’s body when demands are made for “decent” dressing?

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