About the $1 lawsuit: Taylor Swift

August 16, 2017

Taylor Swift’s $1 sexual assault lawsuit has finally come to an end as the jury came to a ruling in favour of Taylor Swift.

The 24 year old singer was allegedly assaulted by DJ David Mueller who apparently lifted her skirt and grabbed her butt while they posed for a photo during a meet and greet on her Red Tour in 2013. The singer filed the counter-suit after the radio host sued her for $3 million dollars as he lost his job owing to Swift’s accusations.

During proceedings, Mueller’s attorney told Swift she could have taken a break if she felt distressed during the meet-and-greet. She responded, “And your client could have taken a normal photo with me.” Swift revealed that she continued to do meet-and-greets with other fans following the alleged incident: “I just said in a monotone voice, ‘Thank you for coming,’ and then they were gone. Not wanting to cause a scene, the singer did not throw a tantrum but rather told her photographer who admitted to having witnessed the incident.

In spite of the ruling, the DJ insists he did not touch Taylor Swift’s butt. However, we must say, the $1 victory is quite a significant milestone during women’s month. Not many women take a stand like Taylor did. Kudos to her!

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