About last weekend’s Hlomu series escapades

August 30, 2017

When Dudu-Busani Dube walked into the hall at the Homestead, in the City of Kings, it went deathly quiet, the kind of quiet that you get when an important person walks in and you don’t know what to do with yourselves.

SHE had just arrived and star-struck doesn’t do justice to the general feeling of the intimate crowd gathered for the book review. If you thought she’s gorgeous from her Instagram and Facebook pictures, wait till you see those dimples up close and personal. You were never ready.

The one question she can’t answer

Sis Dudu gave women a gift that keeps on giving – 8 gorgeous males that we all want a bit of, but there’s one question she says she doesn’t have an answer to and it’s the one question we all want answered: where did she get the inspiration to pen such a powerful story? She said that at every book event, she gets asked that particular question and she has never answered it because she doesn’t know how.

Don’t despair yet, she did explain that in writing the Hlomu series, she wanted to highlight the dynamics of black life and reveal the power of black love. As one excited reader pointed out, she did right by us because we were in need of a “Mills n Boon” we could identify with and she delivered.

Attention women, you’re not the only ones

If you thought the Hlomu series was written for women only, girl, sit down. We were graced by the presence of one male I now know is definitely Dudu’s biggest fan.

Apparently, there are many men out there who love the books and guess what, while you’re busy gushing over his royal hotness, Nkosana Zulu and his identical brothers, men have their eyes set on Hlomu and the wives. Yes, and to top it all, if your man refers to you as ‘My Hlomu’, my sister, you have arrived. Dudu’s biggest fan highlighted that Hlomu is the ultimate wife material and any man would be beyond lucky to have her. So the next time you’re fantasizing about Qhawe Zulu and how you wish he could give you R50 000 to go and buy a life, take a few notes from how Hlomu conducts herself (thank me later).

Different strokes for different folks

I learned that there are different strokes for different folks out there. When it was time for individuals to read and review their favourite scene from the books, the group came to life. One lady read Naledi’s wedding vows to Qhawe and I could have sworn I saw Dudu wiping tears from her eyes. Yeah, it was that deep. Another lady read the scene where Hlomu crashed Mqhele’s cars after she found out he was cheating. The general feeling was that Hlomu should have crashed more than just two cars. The most interesting scene was definitely the one where Hlomu may or may have not “ordered” the Zulu brothers to kill the men who kidnapped her child. You should have heard the theories that came out of the discussion but basically, we all agreed that Hlomu has those bug-eyed brothers wrapped around her little finger. What I wouldn’t give… I was going to read the scene where Mqoqi may have sealed his own death warrant by admitting his feelings for his brother’s wife, but I realised earlier on that I may have been the only one rooting for Mqoqi in that hall. It was all about Qhawe and Mqhele (eye-roll).

Get your tissues out…

We wanted to know: will we be getting 8 books for each of the Zulu brothers and Dudu’s answer was a quick N-O. She actually had a good explanation for that. The brothers emerge as and when they are needed. We have people like Mpande who only start talking and showing up everywhere after Zandile is released from prison. Well, that’s because they have a close relationship. Then we have people like Ntsika, whom if the books were Twitter, he’d be all over Hlomu’s TL, because, hey, Hlomu is his ‘mami’. If you read carefully, you’ll find that all brothers are there. You just need to know where to find them. So no, we will not be getting all 8. If you were already ahead of yourself and thinking the fourth or even fifth book would be called “Ntombi His Heartbeat” (just because you love Mqoqi and your name is Ntombi), earth to you. Will there be a film or television series, then? Maybe.


We’re definitely getting a fourth book. Guaranteed. For all we know, she may have already finished it but you know writers, we will not release anything to the public unless it’s 110% p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

We respect you that much. The group was excited about that because to be honest, our lives are incomplete without the Zulus and all their big eyes and drama. Any guesses who the fourth book will feature?

Ntombikamama Moyo

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