February 23, 2018

So this is my 1st official “how you doin’’ (don’t forget to put that Wendy Williams flare to it) for 2018 and what better time to do so than in the month of love. I love love!  Always have – even before my 1st‘real’ kiss (of the French persuasion)and the onslaught of butterflies that came with it at the ripe old age of 17(LATE bloomer I know) outside our front gate… to an unexpected…and ‘unexpecting’ audience of amainhingivemuraini whose reaction almost stole the magic of the moment from me…but not quite.

It’s been quite a journey since–starry eyes, ugly cries, spine shivers, searing heartaches… the usual bitter sweet mess of love pretty much. But 2018 has brought with it a clarity and maturity to love that I want to carry forward beyond this month as I navigate further into my 30’s (Look out for our exciting Hot Topic on turning 30 and defying the expectations that come with that)

But back to LOVE (of course). I recently came across this beautiful declaration:

 ‘I choose YOU. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you’

Beautiful words crafted with a passion and devotion that would melt any heart – but the one thing that stood out for me is this:

‘I CHOOSE you.’

Love as a choice. The absolute freedom in that!!!

And that’s exactly how I’m CHOOSING to love going forward. Who do I love?  Why do I love them? How do I to love them? My Love. My terms. And the more I explore this – the more I’m realising I choose to love the people I’ve always loved anyway….but because loving them is now a conscious choice, my expression of love to them is more deliberate, more purposeful, more fulfilling… and I know for certain loving them is going to be a richer experience for me because I choose to love them!

This February Love Edition has definitely got a whole lot on love for me (and you) to sink our teeth…and our hearts… into. We explore why it’s important to love yourself… hard (It’s okay to CHOOSE YOU), and why contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t have to hurt. We also press play on the perfect love songs to jam to…and make babies to J this month…and then we give you all the tips and tricks on how to look sexy and rock your pregnancy once said babies have been made (see – we’ve got your backJ).. We also get majorly inspired by two of Econet’s movers and shakers (GM Marketing Mellany Msengezi and Strategy Associate at Econet Global Dalumuzi Mhlanga)in our career pages and we explore the health benefits of coconut whilst decoding and demystifying early menopause in our health pages…

And of course we have our cover stars- a couple who are choosing to love each other their way in spite of all the outside noise. Tytan and Olinda’s story is a true testament to choosing each other… Read on and be inspired.

I could go on with all the reading goodness packed into this edition: – our amazing girl chats with Power FM’s Chamvary and The Queen’s Zenande Mfenyane, our heart to heart with Carl Joshua Ncube… I really could go on! What I can tell you is this; as always, this edition of Divas Inc was created for you and with you in mind…and each and every article is a love letter from the Divas Inc team and myself to you…

We’ll always choose you Divas…over and over and over!

Who are YOU choosing to love this February and beyond!

With love,

Jo Kanengoni


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