A Diva in demand

February 19, 2018

All work and no play make a diva lose her shine. In this fast paced, demanding world we live in you cannot help but get lost in the “fast lane”. Gone are the days when women were expected to be just housewives only. Now we have women venturing into unchartered territories, career and business wise, whilst also having to take care of their families. With all this going on, you can sometimes loss perspective and neglect yourself. When I say neglect, I don’t necessarily mean image wise but more on a personal level.

Many of us dedicate so much of our times to everyone but ourselves, husbands, children, relatives, workmates, bosses, business partners etc. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If there is one thing women are synonymous with; its being caring, considerate, kind the list goes on and on, but like I said earlier on you have to think about yourself as an individual also, care for yourself before you can care for others. Below are three ways you can find yourself.

Me Time

We usually hear it in movies, psychologists advising stressed housewives to find time for themselves. Me Time as it is popularly called is basically dedicating a certain amount of time to yourself. Do something you love, go shopping, go for a manicure, visit a friend or maybe just do some baking. Basically the whole point is to do what you love doing during this Me Time, don’t be afraid to be labeled as selfish, you are not. You deserve to rest after all that strenuous work you do. So number 1, find some Me Time.

Get Together With Workmates

Sometimes when you work so hard you often at times find it difficult to interact with fellow workmates on a personal basis because you are so used to dealing with them on a work related basis. However it is important to also get to know them socially as you spend a lot of time together. Attend after hour company activities, if there aren’t any, go ahead and organise such an event for your colleagues. This sort of bonding will eventually pay dividends in the workplace as it creates unbreakable team spirit.

Love What You Do

A wise person once said “Find something you love doing in life and find a way of making money from it”. The simple reasoning behind this is that we spend most of our time at work, so if you don’t love what you are doing there is a huge problem. Don’t be afraid to leave that 8- 5 job you know isn’t working for you for something you love doing. You don’t have to be a slave in a workplace but rather you should be a part of the vision of the company and personally strive to do your best to achieve and accomplish that vision.

Always make sure you don’t lose that shine, as Diva’s we need to continue shining in the world.

By Chipo Kakora

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