DIY nail routine in the comfort of your home with Patricia Hunda

One thing this pandemic continues to teach us is to be self-sufficient with almost all the things we used to outsource. To come to our rescue, there has been a great emergence of Zimbabwean content creators who have found gaps in the market and are helping us maintain our self-care routines, all in the comfort of our homes. Of late, our nails have not been looking great and we have had no idea how to get them back in good shape. Luckily, we discovered Patricia Hunda, a nail care enthusiast, who shared some nuggets with us on how to take care of our nails at home.

Patricia is a 27-year-old fashion blogger and nail enthusiast based in Winnipeg, Canada. She works a regular 9-5 job in customer service and outside of work, creates content for her social media platforms.

Patricia on how she developed her love for nail care:

If I’m being honest, I don’t have a long story about how I came to love my nails, it just sort of happened along the way. When I was in university there was always a nail polish sale on campus, every semester, so I would grab a couple of colours to try. The more I did my nails, the more colours I wanted to try out, and next thing I knew, I had 100 nail polishes and fell in love with taking care of my nails.

Doing Our Nails is Self-Care

My nail routine is part of my self-care routine, I find it very calming and soothing and now I’d say it’s also a creative outlet for me as a micro content creator. I like to make sure my natural nails are taken care of especially when I’m changing them from one style to the next and it also helps the nail polish sit well and last longer, in my opinion. I do a lot of typing both at work and outside of work, and of course a lot of chores, and when I look at my hands during my day-to-day activities, I want them to look like they are well taken care of. When I look at my nails and see a perfect manicure, it is proof that I found some time to take care of myself especially in these crazy times we are in. So basically, with all the work I do, especially with my hands, the least I can do is make sure they are well-maintained. If I can inspire someone to love and take care of their own natural nails in the process, then that’s a bonus!

My go-to products, especially right now, are my Manicovery Recovery Care Kit by Kiss (it includes a nail strengthener and cuticle oil) as well as my Natural Nail Strengthener by OPI. I got acrylics done in April at the nail salon and when I had them removed; my nails were so damaged I needed products that focused on recovering them as they grew out. Aside from these, I also use the Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil by Sally Hansen whenever I can, to keep my nails and cuticles moisturised and hydrated. You can use this on bare or painted nails.

Step 1: I like to start off with clean hands, I’ve always washed my hands frequently even before my nail obsession, but with nails you must ALWAYS keep your hands clean! I apply lotion (no particular one) just the one I use on my body. Lotion will moisturise both your hands and nails.

Step 2: Cut my nails. I do this soon after washing my hands because my fingernails are still soft at this time and no nail clippings are flying around! Next, I file them into the desired shape, which is usually squoval (square + oval).

Step 3: Clean the cuticle areas and the nails to get rid of any lotion and “nail dust” from filing.

Step 4: Apply Nail Strengthening Cream and massage it in the nails, let them sit for a while. Then apply cuticle oil on the nails and cuticles and massage it in and let it sit. (You can stop here if you wish or proceed to step 5)

Step 5: Wipe/wash off excess oil on hands, push your cuticles back and proceed to apply your Nail Strengthener. It can be used as a base coat before applying nail polish or you can leave it as is.

Instead of cutting your cuticles, just push them back. This will allow your nails and fingers to be protected against any germs and bacteria and reduces the likelihood of any infections. And this is how my nail care routine goes. It’s quite easy and is not time-consuming which makes it perfect for a day of self-care.

We love how Patricia made this tutoria easy, quick and understandable. In a world that continues to change through technology, we can do tasks we never thought we could. Thanks to content creators like Patricia who are not professionals in the fields they are passionate about, but love to learn and teach others, we are able to see how manageable it is to have nail routines done by our own hands. Intrigued to learn more about all things nail care and fashion, follow Patricia on the following platforms:

Instagram: patricia.hunda

Blog: That Blogger Chic


By Delyse Gimani


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