You Are God’s Beautiful Creation,Don’t Let Anyone Else Define You…….

Please recognise and grasp that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by your creator even if …as Caroline Machiri would say…’you often feel more fearful than wonderful.’ You are valuable, you are precious. You’ve got it in your DNA to succeed, you were created that way. A lot of women get a distorted view of who they are because of the voices they allow to define them. You’re who God says you are. Don’t allow anyone else but God to define you.


~There is only one you on planet Earth. Exercise your gifting.

~Always speak out when you need to.

~Don’t be apologetic, embrace every promotion and every compliment.

~Celebrate every victory, this paves way for more victories!

~The next generation is counting on you to know how best to tackle the challenges of life. Don’t let them down.

~Walk AWAY, shut the door and never return if anyone lays a hand on you.

~Work hard. Earn your way to the top. Looking up at the ceiling while lying down has never been the best approach.

~Don’t ever give up! As long as there is breath in your body there is always hope #you’ve got this!

~Place value on yourself. Don’t project a 1cent image and expect to be treated like a hundred-dollar bill. Ultimately people will respect and value you based on the cues they get from you. Guide them accordingly.


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