“Attention Gentlemen:All Aboard The Metrosexual Train Say Aye!”

Definition of metrosexual:

‘A usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.’ Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

‘He looks too clean and put together. A real man is rugged and doesn’t put so much effort into his looks and appearance!’ Is that really a real man though? Can we actually disqualify a heterosexual man who pays attention to his appearance from being called a real man? Never! In fact what woman doesn’t want a pleasant smelling man who loves to get manicures and makes it a point to look good? Definitely not us!! Consider Tino Chinyani or Maps Maponyane, African metrosexuals who are leading the cause. This is why more Zimbabwean men should choose to become metrosexual; to embrace and feel good about themselves.

We had to ask photographer and metrosexual Tino Nyandoro to help his fellow gender mates out on why it is important to adopt the metrosexual lifestyle as a Zimbabwean man. This is what he told us:

Why Is The Metrosexual Lifestyle Important?

In essence, it’s really just putting a bit more effort into how you present yourself as a man. Caring about your appearance and grooming as a man should not stereotype you.

What is your process?

It’s pretty random if I’m being honest. If anything, picking what to wear is probably where I spend a bit more time. I take where I’m going into consideration first, then I look at what I have that suits me and pick out items to wear. I pick an outfit in sections. For instance, I will know what shoes I want to wear and then build everything around that. Something I do hope to work on a lot more going forward is my skincare routine. I have none at the moment so I’m hoping to learn more about it and what I need to do personally.

What does looking good do for a man?

What does looking good do for anyone, rather? It makes me feel good; great actually. It boosts my confidence and it honestly dictates how people initially respond to me, especially when they meet me for the first time.

What products do you use and why?

I use nothing out of the ordinary actually. I use normal soap to bath, Nivea lotion is my go to as it’s really good for dry skin and avoiding being ashy (especially in cold weather). As far as fragrances go, I’m still looking for one that suits my personality (and pocket). Finally, a simple roll-on and deodorant do the trick for now.

What would you say to those who say it is too expensive?

Don’t limit yourself. We all obviously want to wear designer but if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. There are so many good, more affordable options out there if you just take the time to find them. Shopping for men in Zimbabwe is generally harder as we don’t have options. You’re either buying something that’s overpriced or availability is a complete nightmare.

After choosing this lifestyle, can you tell us what your experiences have been like?

Dressing up has always been something I’ve enjoyed, even from when I was young. My mother always tells me stories about how I’d make it a point to match clothes whenever I picked out outfits, even down to my underwear. It’s obviously hit and miss things but I think I’m getting to a point where I know what I like and am consciously trying to build on that and make it a thing of my own. I do get compliments every now and then which leave me with a good feeling. A feeling everyone deserves to experience.

It is our belief that many men think adopting the metrosexual lifestyle is too feminine and thus that would mean losing their manhood in the process. But what Tino has shown us is that taking time to plan an outfit and your appearance makes you more of a man because you care about how you present yourself and ultimately about yourself. Self-care is essential for men too and adopting this lifestyle could improve any man’s well being. Another important point is that one does not require a massive bank account to become metrosexual. Start small and build your routine. After receiving pointers from Tino, we believe that more Zimbabwean men should look into this lifestyle and see what it actually means to be metro and proud. Finally, as ladies we know we would definitely love to be pampered whilst getting our nails done and going shopping with our men. Sounds like a perfect date to us!

You can find Tino on the following platforms

Instagram: @tinonyandoro

Twitter: @_tinonyandoro

Facebook: TinoNyandoro Photography

By: Delyse Gimani


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