MisRed Shares Her Powa Tools

June 17, 2021
  1. The world may be going against you now but it won’t be for long. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Do not lose your voice. Now more than ever, your voice means absolutely everything.
  3. Validation is a drug and the root is the feeling of inadequacy. Deal with it and move on. Remember, happiness is an inside job.
  4. Become more aware of what is worth your energy and apply yourself to it.
  5. Don’t be scared to be alone with your thoughts. Move away from the noise and use the silence to clear your mind.
  6. Understand and accept who you are.
  7. Do what makes you sparkle. You matter.
  8. The journey of self-healing is not a one-day event. It’s a process that you have to constantly work on.
  9. Be faithful to your happiness. Put effort into it. Don’t cheat on your ambitions or your aspirations.
  10. Be authentic. Be honest to who you are and stick to that. It’s easier to navigate life when you’re true to yourself.


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