“Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Don’t compromise,be excellent”

June 17, 2021

Dear Woman…

You are worthy and deserving of happiness.

Your dreams are valid.

You are enough.

Within your womanhood lies so much magic. Embrace it and thrive!

I know we live in a world which will have you believe you’re inferior simply because of the body you reside in. But you are more than your body. You’re more than the body you reside in. There’s so much more to you than just how you look. You’re your thoughts, your opinions; everything that is possible in this world because God made you capable. You have the capacity to change the way the world looks and the way the world feels. You have the capacity to create, so create. Creation is part of your DNA. The same way we create through our wombs, is the same way we should create through our hands, love and care. You’re more than capable.

Remember, we are living in microscopic times. Everything seems to be moving faster than ever before. But people will only show you the lifestyle they want you to see. We are stuck in a rut where we only see people’s successes but none of the struggles, the failures. It’s hard then because there’s so much pressure to be great. Remember though, most people are public successes but private failures. Reflect on this and be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Be consistent and diligently work on your craft. Faithfully pursue excellence – always. Don’t compromise, be excellent.





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