DapperKings:Making our Zimbabwean Kings

Ladies, can we confirm this? There is absolutely nothing sexier than a man in a suit! Ok, now gents, we know nothing feels as good as wearing a well-tailored suit. We have seen most of you and how you walk in pride, looking all dapper and proud of yourselves for looking drop-dead gorgeous. We have been looking and searching and we finally discovered a goldmine in Zimbabwe that promises and delivers on exceptional quality when it comes to tailor made clothing. Our Zim kings deserve nothing but the best for every event and award-winning DapperKings takes the cup without a doubt!

Dapper Kings has dressed many of its clients in memorable ensembles making sure they never forget the occasion. Super impressed by what we’ve seen, we did some digging on how this local brand became the go-to roora, white wedding and special occasion store for our men. Owner Taku Mawere gave us all the details we needed………

“DapperKings is a bespoke suiting brand whose main purpose is to provide unique and high-quality suits and outfits which are tailored to customers’ specifications and preferences. Our clients have personal preferences for the style they feel most comfortable wearing and DapperKings provides them exactly that with an extensive selection of fabrics and styles on offer. Our mission and vision are to establish a fashion design business that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and become one of the leading brands in the fashion industry.

DapperKings started in 2017 as an idea during a lifestyle photoshoot. After we published the pictures on social media a lot of people started enquiring about the suits and blazers that we had exhibited in the photoshoot. Some people were interested in buying the products we had showcased. DapperKings’ first client was a young man who wanted to overhaul his wardrobe and asked if we could do seven tailored suits for him and that’s how we started.

DapperKings is open to everyone who appreciates bespoke tailoring and understands style. We have done some outfits for celebrities and socialites for birthday parties, weddings, graduations, red carpet events like the ZIMA awards. We are proud to have dressed celebrity Zim dancehall artist Killer-T, R&B artist Adrian Tate, socialite Pokello, and Prophet Ed Branson just to name a few.

Once we visited the Dapper Kings social media profiles we were instantly captivated by how high the quality of images posted were. It’s clear as day that their clients exude so much confidence and satisfaction in their fits. We were also impressed with the wide variety of styles and bold colours, each fitting the client’s expectations and needs. To confirm client satisfaction, one happy client said, ‘I first came across DapperKings in 2017. I’d done my research and knew they were the place to go for a great quality suit at a reasonable price. They were very patient and helped me pick a style and fabrics that suited me. I had three fittings over the week but they were sewn quicker than expected. The fit was fantastic and the quality extremely superb – I still wear the suit every week after 2 years. Dapper Kings has kept my measurements on file and I make an appointment with them every year when they come to my area. I’m very particular about my fabric choices and the make it a point to never rush me into a decision. I now have 3 suits from them as well as over 5 shirts. Now that I’ve experienced the great quality and fit of their clothes I can no longer wear formal clothes that aren’t tailored for me.’ Similar reviews can be seen on their pages proving that indeed they are a top go-to menswear brand. From the fabric choice to the design and fitting, DapperKings always delivers.

Located at 19 Smit Crescent in Eastlea, the 2018 Menswear Retailer of the Year Award winners offer a wide catalogue of designs for its clients namely African Outfits from USD$90, trench coats at USD$160, lobola outfits from USD$90, tracksuits at USD$70, Dapper Suits for individual clients, Dapper Ladies suits, Wedding suits from USD$130 and washable face masks for USD$2.

DapperKings does not do alterations on garments crafted elsewhere.

The purchasing process is as follows:

All fittings are done by appointment only.

Contact: 0779 431 035 (Whatsapp)

Email address: [email protected] or [email protected]

Facebook: @DapperKings and @Dapperkings_Weddings


Instagram: @dapperkings_zw and @dapperkingsweddings

During peak season their turnover time to make a suit is eight days and off-peak season is approximately 5 days.

Payment Methods: Cash USD,Western Union,Swipe,RTGS also accepted at the Bank Rate

As the Zimbabwean menswear design industry continues to expand, we cannot help but be excited about the crop of excellence being produced by designers who strive to not only showcase their talents but dress Zimbabwean men the way they deserve to- as DapperKings!


By:Delyse Gimani



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