A Men’s Guide To The Perfect Beard With Tich Maruziva

Tich is an aesthete and entrepreneur who does work in media, modelling, and voice over’s, hosting, creating and collaborating with brands, individuals, other creatives and collectives. He has a love for the arts, expression, design and all that’s expressly designed by Zimbabwean and African artists. Tich has also done work on local & international TV, and written a few articles that have been published online and in print media.

Below is how Tich maintains his skin for the perfect beard…….


So first things first, before I work on my beard, I have 4 steps I follow when grooming and practicing self care;

Step 1

Drink my water

Step 2

Mind my business

Step 3

See steps 1 and 2

Step 4

See step 3

I sleep with a bottle of water by my bedside so right before I go to sleep, I’ll drink from it. Then when I wake up in the morning,I drink the rest. I also make sure to drink water during the course of the day too and stay well hydrated.

I also believe exercise contributes to the health of my body, skin and beard so I exercise regularly, doing cardio and body weight exercises.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve never used many products on my body especially my face. I’ve paid little to no attention to my skin until recently. Now, I have separate face cloths, loofah’s and gloves but up until recently I only exfoliated and used Dove soap on my face. I am paying more attention to my skin and now I’m happy to announce that I cleanse, apply masks and use SPF regularly. I’ve learnt that regardless of whether the sun is out, how bright it’s shining or how warm it is, I still need protection from the sun’s rays so I apply an SPF on a daily even in winter.


When it comes to my beard I use Brothers Beard products specifically for two reasons:

1.They are a local brand and I support local. Brothers Beard was started by two Zimbabwean brothers TK & Viz after they walked into a pharmacy looking for men’s grooming products but walked out disappointed. None of the products in the pharmacy catered to or addressed their needs, and this leads to my second point……

2.I use Brothers Beard products because their products are engineered specifically for people of colour. They’ve done the research and understand the different types and textures of hair that we have and know the care and repair that is needed for it.

I have a barber in town, whose name is Pacifique who I visit regularly, break bread with and practice my French with. He’s my go-to when I need a shave. When I need to keep my beard in check and I feel like spoiling myself, I make it a point to visit Vintage Classic Barbers. They do a great job at getting rid of the split ends, lining it up and making sure my beard is level all around. One of the other things I appreciate about them is the time they take and the equipment they use. They take pride in their work and they take pride in you. In my opinion, they’re the best barbers I’ve been to in Africa. They care about their work and make sure you look and feel your best. You’ll come out looking like a new man.

I’ve added visiting Vintage Classic Barbers to my self-care Sunday routine which is now a visit to the barber on Saturday afternoon, so come Sunday morning I’m still looking fresh. Then I go through my Sunday self-care checklist where I make tea, light my incense, meditate, mix my oils, playlist, take a long shower, moisturise, dress up, pour myself a glass of something, cook, relax, and ready myself for the week ahead.

Below is a list of the products that I use

For my face:

~Neutrogena Skin Detox 2 in 1 Clay Wash Mask

~Neutrogena Hydro boost city shield lotion

For my body:

~Palmers Shea Formula, Raw Shea Body Lotion

~Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, Moisturising Body Oil

For my beard:

~Brothers Beard Beard Oil

~Brothers Beard Beard Balm

I also have a blend of oils that I mix myself using coconut, grape-seed and tea tree oil and a few others that I also use on my beard. That’s my secret sauce.

Gents, as you can see, for you to have the perfect beard that connects and is healthy, it is important to take care of yourselves by adopting self-care routines like Tich has. You do not have to adopt everything listed but we do encourage you to try these tips out and see what works for you. If you would like to learn more about this king of beards, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @thatguytich.


By:Delyse Gimani

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