5 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make…

Remember when we were kids and we would call the adults each time the going got tough? Well, we decided to call in the “adults” to give us some pointers on all the marketing mistakes we’ve been making as emerging and growing businesses. In this case the adult is none other than Geraldine Eve Mathela, CEO of 143 Communications, a Marketing Agency. Geraldine was nominated in the top 100 young business women in Africa in 2020 by The African CEO so trust us, we’re in good hands.


1.Not building relationships, being more concerned with the sale than the relationship with the customer.

While we all want to make money, interaction with your customer should not only be a monetary transaction. Build a relationship with your customers. While transactions are once off, relationships can be life long. And those relationships if nurtured, may develop into bigger opportunities for you!


2.Lack of research

Research. Research. Research. From your customer’s needs, the environment you are operating in, trends, strategies, whatever you do, your decisions need to be informed by research.


3.Marketing products or services and not solutions to clients

Don’t be so focused on your product and services you forget to offer solutions to clients. Business is about meeting a need and solving problems for clients so in all you do, don’t forget to ensure you are meeting your customers at their point of need!


4.Lack of a proper strategy

Talk about shooting blanks! In the same way that starting a business needs a plan, so does marketing. Take time to sit down, plan, strategize and lay down objectives. Once you know what you want to achieve, creating a strategy that speaks to your objectives will be easier. There’s absolutely no rush, take your time to strategize and formulate a plan.


5.Expecting Microwave results

Lastly but not in anyway the least, marketing is no microwave!! Results may take time to yield. Be patient and implement your strategy with all your might. Definitely not a pot of instant noodles! And always be ready to pivot and rework your strategy should the need arise. The only constant in today’s fast paced world is change, and your marketing strategy is no exception. Don’t get left behind holding on to a marketing strategy that is no longer effective; assess, evaluate, and if need be, pivot!


By:Thandie Nyoni

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