Five Elements that Make for a Great Social Media Presence for Your Business

We’ve all heard the gospel of digital and social media marketing and we are all probably buying into it. That’s all great and pretty. But often times businesses go wrong with their social media marketing. What makes a great social media presence? How do you know you’re doing things right? Well, here are 5 questions you need to get right to set you off in the right direction on your way to social media domination.


Are you using the right platform/s?

Sure your business is on social media…but are you on the right platforms? Is your audience on the same platform as your business? A great example is clothing boutiques. Instagram would be the perfect platform for you as it’s particularly visual. If your line of work needs content with a lot of writing, then LinkedIn might just be the place for you!


Is your content consistent?

Ghosting is never a good thing, pun intended. Disappearing from your social media is terrible marketing. Out of sight, out of mind! When individuals look for brands to work with, they prefer brands with an up to date page. While you don’t necessarily have to post everyday, whatever frequency you choose, be consistent with it and always be available to monitor comments and feedback. The Business Manager Suite is there to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Not to mention push notifications.

Is your content relevant?

Well, sure your page is up to date but is it the right content? It’s not enough to have consistent content. Use content that speaks to your brand and your objectives. Find a tone that reflects your brand and who you are and a voice that is uniquely your own and stick with that.


Are your visuals appealing?

To be honest, most of us are very visual individuals and we will always go for the more appealing pages. Make sure you’ve got your visuals on lock down. Get the best graphic designers on board to help you get your visuals just right or if your budget doesn’t allow, or you’re just a DIY kinda girl, the use Canva to make sure your page has a fresh look that appeals to your audience.

What do your numbers say?

When all is said and done, numbers do not lie. Be informed by your insights. Your insights will always be there to let you know what’s working and what isn’t, content that works, the right time and date to post- its all in the numbers! You can never go wrong with them.


By: Thandi Nyoni





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