Emilia on Achieving the Elusive Work/ Life Balance….

June 7, 2021

In my view, work/life balance is mainly a myth which is achieved or not achieved depending on how you define it. You cannot want to attend to all business meetings without fail, be there for all your children’s school and social functions, attend all the funerals and weddings in the clan and be the wife that is home at 5 everyday. Don’t get me wrong, all those duties are critical, but something has to give at any particular point. Your success in balancing all these requires a lot of discernment as to which one to sacrifice at what point. It requires highly specialized communication skills to be able to communicate to the sacrificed party and most importantly your achievement of the so called balance is dependent on the understanding of all the parties involved. When all has been said and done, all the parties will need to come out appreciating that they may not have gotten all they wanted from you, but that you did the best you could in the circumstances. That is what I call successful work/life balance.


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