Feed The Body That Works: Why Good Food Is The Best SelfCare

A good part of taking care of yourself in the workplace is making sure you are well fed. Feed the body that works, they say. We agree a hundred percent. You work very hard, the least you can do is enjoy the pleasures of food in the workplace! Here are some little food ideas to keep your meals at work exciting!



We all know fruits are the way to go. Here’s how you can make your fruits more exciting for your lunchbox. Make a simple fruit salad, mix it up with some yoghurt and you can have the yummiest and healthiest snack ever!


Leftovers go a long way!

Trust us, leftovers are the ultimate next day lunchtime vibe.


Keep it traditional

Let’s take it back to the roots. Fatcooks. Maize. Nuts. Some of our old time favourites make the best lunchbox ideas ever!


Spice up your sandwiches

A regular peanut butter and jam sandwich does get boring. Why not treat yourself to a few creative ideas for your lunchbox. Why not try tuna and mayonnaise? Or cucumber if healthy is the way you want to go..


Vegetables and mashes

Speaking of healthy, this is perhaps one of the healthiest options there ever was. Mixed vegetables make for a great lunchbox. Left over butternut from supper? Mash them up with a dash of cinnamon and butter or take them as they are. Treats we promise you!



A yummy potato salad or green salad might just make your day brighter in the office!



Next time you pass by the lady at the corner, grab some ice mints and sweets for your bag. There’s nothing like a random sweet in your bag during a stressful day. And throw in a couple of Freddo Pascall chocolates to keep in your bag for a rainy day the next time you go grocery shopping.

Most importantly, variety is the spice of life. Keep different options in your bag and you will be a very happy  being.


By:Sithandekile Nyoni



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