Born To Entertain: Our Very Own Sibongile Mlambo Blazing A Remarkable Hollywood Trail…

Describing her as simply an actress seems somewhat insufficient. A multi-talented Artist & Entertainer is what she is. Her name is Sibongile Mlambo,a Zimbabwean actress and model based in the U.S who is blazing a remarkable trail in some of Hollywood’s biggest film studios! We take a look at her inspirational journey…


Keeping Up With The Mlambo’s

Sibongile was born on the 25th of June in 1990. The beautiful star was born and raised in Zimbabwe,and moved to the U.S.A with her family in 2005 to pursue her education. She has since lived in Texas,New York and briefly in Spain. Sibongile studied at the Southern Methodist University of Dallas and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature. Her father, Vukile Mlambo,is a doctor, and her mother, Rudo Mlambo,runs Konzeni Kreations,a clothing line which provides custom made designs. The actress, whose first career choice was physical therapy, was inspired to venture into acting by her sister,Nomsa Mlambo, who is also an actress. Nomsa starred in the the classic Zimbabwean film ‘Everyone’s Child’, ‘The Education Of A Negro’ and ‘Alienated’ amongst other productions. Sibongile also has a twin brother,Bongani,who is a cinematographer and producer,and is known for his works on ‘Upstream Color’, ‘All Creatures Here Below’ and ‘Woodshock’ just to name a few. The Mlambo children were certainly born for the arts.


The Road to Stardom

Sibongile’s career as a model kicked off when she participated in the Miss Zim-USA pageant in 2007, where she was crowned the second princess. She has also been the face of many Nivea Campaigns across Africa and is represented by Ice Genetics in Cape Town,South Africa. Her acting career began when she was six years old, though it was for a brief moment. She appeared in the dramatic film “Kini and Adams’ which was shot and produced in Zimbabwe. After that Sibongile focused solely on her education. On finishing her studies, she resumed acting and began auditioning for Film and TV roles. She caught her 1st break in 2010 when she was cast in the spy series Homeland. Following this, she got a series of supporting roles in the films ‘While You Weren’t Looking’ (2015),’Back To School Mom’ (2015) and the dance drama ‘Honey 3:Dare To Dance’ (2016). She also starred alongside the late Chadwick Boseman in the Movie “The Last Face” in 2016 and has since appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.


The Big Break

Sibongile’s big break came when she was cast in the MTV Series ‘Teen Wolf’ playing the role of Tamora Monroe in the final seasons of the popular series. But her star wasn’t done rising! She got an even bigger break in 2018 when she joined the cast of the series ‘Siren’, where she made history as the first African to play the role of a mermaid on US screens. In the very same year she also played Angela in the 2018 Netflix remake of the classic 60’s science fiction show ‘Lost In Space’.

Truly impressive strides for a girl who dreamed of being a physical therapist before the dream to act and entertain came along!! And we’re sure glad it did! And now, as her star continues it’s meteoric rise, we look forward to seeing more of what this talented thespian has to give with all the roles she will bring to life.



By:Chido Kakora



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