The Genesis Of Miss V Candy: Finding Love, Power, Magic and Purpose In Radio…

Nonhlanhla Tutani always loved being in front of a crowd, even from a young age. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, she always held her own, and now, with radio as her stage and millions as her captivated audience, the spotlight is officially her home! Nonhlanhla, aka Miss V Candy to the world, is making the airwaves a whole lot sweeter at Star FM and fearlessly owning her space as one of Zimbabwe’s favourite media darlings. She invites us to front row seats as she takes us on a tour of her journey to Becoming….

Can you tell us about Nonhlanhla as a young girl? What were you like then?

Nonhlanhla growing up was a very inquisitive young girl who wasn’t afraid to try, and who loved to be in front of an audience or a crowd. I remember telling my mom I wanted to sing in church at the age of five and I did sing, that was my first experience in front of people. Then in primary I’d take part in school debates at ceremonies. I was just a young little girl who loved life, laughter and performing in front of people.

Who was that one person who inspired you when you were growing up?

I drew inspiration from a number of people and experiences growing up and can’t box it to just one person. First of all my mom, she was my cheerleader and believer who never talked me out of anything I had put my mind to. Being the last born I also looked up to my siblings whom I had so much admiration for, I thought they were the coolest and wanted to be just like them . And of course, just the exposure I got from watching TV presenters from back then, be it local or international, made me aspire and have an idea of what I wanted to be when older. It shaped my thinking and inclination towards media.

You’re affectionately known as ‘Miss V Candy’. What inspired the name?

When I joined ZiFM in 2012 I wanted to be known by a different alias and after a little brainstorming session Miss V Candy fit like a jigsaw puzzle. I guess some things are just meant to be.

Let’s talk about the journey to Miss V Candy and to radio , how did it all begin?

It began in 2011 at ZBC when I auditioned to be a continuity presenter and made the cut out of hundreds of people that day and I’ve never looked back since then. During my days at ZBC TV, I was also a presenter for their commercial unit,where I would cover events like the ZITF and Agric Show as their informecial presenter. At some point I was a sports presenter on Channel 2 when it was still in existence. I was happy with all this but  I had a deeper love for radio which could not be satiated nor quenched. I auditioned for a presenting job at SFM and I got a spot, making it my first radio gig. I later gave my demo CD to Bridget Gavanga who was then at Power FM and the odds were in my favor again. ‘Unfortunately’, round about the same time I had passed my demo to a new station that was ZiFM, and I had also auditioned for Star FM. I made the cut at all 3 stations and this left me with the huge weight of making a career choice. I settled for ZiFM and life came full circle in 2018 when I joined or should I say “re” joined Star FM. This had been a long time coming and definitely a great rebirth of what’s to come and what I’m becoming.

Did you have any mentors when you started?

I think I got mentorship by default in the form of my producers and managers whom I worked with, the likes of Emma Shamuyarira who was the Head of TV at ZBC, Beven Svinurai who was my first producer when I joined TV, and Tendai Chikwavaira who gave me my first shot for corporate and commercial work and my first experience in the corporate world as a presenter. There were just many amazing people who guided me and showed me the way.

What do you love most about your job?

To just “partially” be a mouth piece for the people and to be able to converse with millions of people simultaneously is an experience that can’t be put in words. It’s quite magical. Media is a powerful medium that can literally change and touch lives and help people go through and face their struggles. It’s a humongous task we have as broadcasters, one which I don’t ever take for granted.The power is in knowing the deeper purpose that lies within this job.

From your point of view, is there an evolution happening in the media industry from the time you started to now?

It has evolved so much, in leaps and bounds. One of the major factors being technological advancement, which makes our reach wider and our content more accessible for people. Personalities have been humanized by social media from way back then when it was mostly a one way street to now when the feedback is instant and there is interaction. Another welcome change is the involvement of more women, occupying strategic and powerful positions in the media space either as presenters or management and drivers of the mission.

Are there any key moments that stand out for you in your journey to now?

I can’t pin point one experience or moment, I appreciate all I have accomplished and experienced to this very date, and I’m anticipating more exciting moments. I love my job so much that it’s in the simple things of just waking up and sharing my talent and gift with the nation that I get so much fulfillment and contentment.

Besides media, what else are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about politics and governance, mental health and wellness, about productivity and farming , just enterprising and evolving and pivoting; self-improvement.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Watching the news, reading the paper and news sites, scrolling through social media for fun engaging conversations and sitting with normal people to hear normal experiences.(Laughs) It’s all part of our job. As you know content is key in this line of work. Meetings with clients or management, a lot of planning and preps and research and then eventually getting in the studio, sitting behind the mic and doing the actual work.

Random question; you’re going to an island for the weekend and you’re required to take only 3 things with you. What would you take?

Family, phone and food..

Your Top 5 Karaoke Songs……

Maroon 5 -Maps

Adele- Chasing Pavements

Decibel- Ruva Rangu

Young Thug -The London

Zonke- Feelings

Your greatest aspiration in life?

Employing thousands of people, equipping and making dreams come true.

Your final words of motivation…….

If you feel it in your heart, don’t ignore it and don’t despise yourself for it. We’re all called to be extraordinary in our various little or big ways; never give up on yourself. Setbacks are part of the script but that by no means means that that’s the end. In all things trust in God and lean not on your own understanding. Some things may never make sense but if you have heaven’s back up, it will all add up at some point. Function with love, respect and pure intentions and you’ll see life will smile and reward you. And remember there are times and seasons, be patient enough to know your turn and time will come.


By:Chido Kakora


  • Lovemore Tadzoka

    Wow that’s great and God has a purpose for everything that happened but you never mentioned about God or going to church or I skip that

  • Madzimambo263

    Thank you so much our Candy Cake…we appreciate and love you….keep on shinning ,the sky is the limit …mwenje ngaubvire.


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