Swipe Right for Mr Right: Our Top 5 Online Dating Site Plugs For Your Happily Ever After..

Meeting someone new organically isn’t always the easiest and Covid-19 and it’s restrictions hasn’t made it any easier. But hard as it may be, we ultimately all want that person we can talk to at the end of a long day or share how much we bombed at a ridiculously long Zoom meeting. Well lucky for us, the digital space isn’t just for sbwl’ing and FOMO’ing over other people’s seemingly perfect love lives. #couplegoals anyone? If you know the right places to look, you can actually find your own happily ever after on these streets. And lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work and found some top internet dating sites you can try out. Always remember the rules though: Stay safe, never divulge your personal details and always meet in a safe place once you decide to take your courtship off the internet streets and onto the real ones. Happy e-dating And don’t forget to send us our invite to the wedding for being your ultimate plug!!


Most single women we spoke to said to have used Tinder at one point or the other. The good thing about Tinder is that the next person cannot speak to you unless you match. So you’re assured that you won’t receive any unwarranted graphic images or messages. You can also outline the parameters of the people you want to meet. Be prepared that those you do match with might not be looking for something serious though, just a hook up or two. The chancers will always be there, even in online dating, but let’s not forget about the couple that met on Tinder and got married. We’re pretty sure they aren’t the only Tinder success story either and there are plenty more out there. You never know, future bae might be one right swipe away.


This is also an App you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It offers a comparability test and a personal profile so that you can discover more about yourself. It is important with this App for you to understand what you hold most valuable in a relationship. eHarmony has a match list which lets you have access to all the profiles that you have matched with. Almost like Tinder with the ones who swipe right. Tariro tried using eHarmony and she said she found their profiling and comparability questions harsh. But what can we say, perfection is intense.🤣 She felt the questions were way too much work than necessary. So if you are going to sign up for eHarmony best get your thinking cap on.

ZimSingles Matchmaking

ZimSingles Matchmaking is a site that offers matchmaking services. When they started, the service was offered only on Instagram but they have since developed a site. You can follow them on Instagram on @zimsinglesmatchmaking. Once you have subscribed, registered and created your profile you can meet other singles and you are able to view other singles profiles and chat with them. You are assigned numbers and no names are used for privacy’s sake. If you are ‘feeling each other’ and ‘the vibe is correct’ you can then exchange personal contact details.  In January the page announced that they would be starting takeovers and a couple of takeovers were done but we do no know if the takeovers will be continued. If you are gutsy like that, then why not take over the page and let the world see your awesomeness.


We found an application called ‘wangu’ on Google Play Store that reportedly lets you ‘find, meet and chat with Zimbabweans near wherever you are.’ It was developed in 2018 so it’s fairly recent. Unfortunately when we downloaded the application we failed to sign up. We were so looking forward to something by Zimbabweans for Zimbaweans! We emailed the developers though so once we hear from them we will definitely check it out.


This is almost similar to Tinder in terms of their interface. If you like whoever you see you tap the heart on the right, if you don’t you tap the X on the left of the screen. Our only challenge was that it took a while to load. You can make a payment that will enable you to upgrade to premium though and that hopefully comes with faster upload speeds. Another one by Zimbabweans for Zimbabweans.

We had fun working on this article as we got to experiment and experience different dating sites. Unfortunately none of the participants met their “prince charming’’ but we have definitely not lost hope, we will keep ‘swiping’ right until we meet the right guy. Love is waiting for us and it could well be on the great World Wide Web..

Remember that if you do decide to physically meet someone you have been chatting to online, always arrange to meet in a public place and inform a friend or two of where you’re going. Your safety is important.


By:Nyaradzo Ngoma

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