7 Easy Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into Self Care Central

February 13, 2021

Self-care is all about taking care of your health by doing things that centre and rejuvenate you – mind, spirit, soul and body. This helps you become the best version of yourself and strengthens you to better take care of your loved ones. From developing a healthy diet, to having a regular sleep routine, to getting some exercise, all these are excellent ways of maintaining your well-being. But it doesn’t have to end there. Have you ever considered soaking up in soothing hot water on a Friday night, as a good way to unwind, relax and get that much needed energy boost?!

Taking long, hot bubble baths just like going for a jog is a perfect way of caring for yourself. This is a favourite of ours because it’s an activity that nourishes not only your body but also your mind, in the comfort of your home might we add. All you have to do is create a relaxing bathroom and shamelessly enjoy the relaxation moment. How you may ask? Well, first pick a day to have your bath downtime, it can become a weekly routine even. Then ask hubby to watch over the little ones for at least 30min so you have an uninterrupted relaxation session. Lastly, follow the seven doable steps below to turn your bathroom into a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of life, and the demands that come with the many roles you play as a woman – mom, wife, sister, aunty, employee, boss babe, etc. 2021 is all about the little upgrades that will allow you to slow down and savour a self-care moment thus making your year the healthiest and most vibrant ever!





Every room looks lively, tranquil and a little better with something living and a bit of greenery. Decorate your bathroom with mood boosting plants like potted lavender, peace lilies and faux orchids.

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Sneak in a little self-care in your bathroom decor by using scented candles. Scented candles are happiness with a light and a wonderfully relaxing smell. Consider buying scents like lavender and sea breeze for the ultimate relaxation when you take your next bath downtime. These scents invoke a sense of calm and cosiness.

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Dimming the lights and lighting your scented candles will take your self-care session to greater heights. There is something deeply relaxing about lounging in a room with dim lights, especially after a long day. It’s somewhat a signal for your mind and body to switch off and get that much needed rest. You can change the current bulbs in your bathroom into dim light bulbs by purchasing some at your local lighting store. There are also hacks on how to dim your lights DIY in case you can’t visit the stores, because Covid. Be sure not to do anything hazardous though!

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Music is therapy. It washes away from the soul the dust of daily life. Invest in something portable, has Bluetooth and is waterproof, so you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite album without having to worry about water damaging your speaker.

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Woven baskets are an aesthetically pleasing accessory, ideal for concealing and storing less-pretty bathroom staples like toilet paper, dirty laundry and your children bath time toys!  Consider adding these woven baskets to your bathroom to not only bring order but also boost its overall visual appearance. Their natural vibe ties in well with the greenery we mentioned earlier.

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Bath bombs and salts take bathing to a whole new level with their calming scents, captivating colours, skin moisturising properties and of course the entertaining fizz that follows once you drop one in your bath water. For the best experience, pick lush, fresh, therapeutic scents such as sweet orange, vanilla, rose and peppermint. Store them in glass jars on the bathroom shelves for that added decor in the room. Also, you won’t forget to use them when they are in plain sight. Most bath bombs and salts are handmade with attractive features making them a great decor accessory when not in use.

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7.PURCHASE A LUXE BATH ROBE AND SLIPPERS (Don’t forget the towels!)




Remember those hotel bath robes and slippers that make you feel like royalty. Well, you can also become a queen in your home by owning your very own cosy cotton bath robe and super soft pair of bath slippers. Slipping into one after a warm relaxing bath is the grand finale of your relaxation session. After drying off in a thick fluffy towel of course. Add a set of plush white towels especially used on your self-care bath day to the mix.

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By: Tapiwa Mhlanga






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