Turn Your Skincare Routine Into A Self Care Ritual….

Eating right, doing yoga, exercising, stepping away from social media and getting enough sleep … all tried and tested ways for making sure you nourish your body so that you think and feel better. But did you know that having a skincare routine (the largest organ of your body) is also an important part of self-care? Yes. You heard right. Pampering your skin on a regular basis is actually good for your mental health.


‘How’? You may ask. Well, for starters, whenever you care for your skin there are mood boosting chemicals that are triggered in your brain. Picture yourself gently massaging your face with a warm washcloth to cleanse, then applying silky smooth moisturizer that leaves a lasting sweet fragrance. All this done in no hurry. The resulting feeling right there is evidence of being in a good mood. Secondly, skincare products offer beauty benefits that improve the overall look and appearance of your skin. And when you can see that you look good, you’re going to feel good about yourself. Last, but, not least, having a skincare routine you’re committed to provides stability in your day that benefits your mental health. Because we live a fast-paced life that is largely characterized by change, it is typical for our days to lose structure and routine. Routines are therefore critical for our overall health, physically and mentally, as they provide an anchor to our day and general stability for the week. An added bonus is that cleansing your face is an excellent way to unwind from the pressures of a hectic day. Add to that the feeling of accomplishment one experiences when you follow your routine and the result is positive vibes all the way.


Now that you know the top mental health perks of a skincare routine, you might be curious on how you can get started on a skin care routine that’s best for you. Especially if you’re brand-new to the idea. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up seven simple steps that will help you get started:



Perhaps the most indulgent step in your skin care routine. Set aside some time for a face mask. This will make your daily skin care routine less monotonous and will give you some time to relax while you’re at it. Since there are so many choices out there, you can opt for a homemade face mask or buy one off the counter. Whatever you choose, make sure it caters to your skin type.



Invest in skin care products that actually work. And what works for others may not necessarily work for you. This is because everyone’s skin is unique. So experiment with skincare products for a personalized routine that matches the needs of your skin type. The four basic types of skin are: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Find out which one is yours and what products work well with it.



Natural skin care products are the best route. This is because they pose no harm to your skin as opposed to most clinical products which contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of essential nutrients.



Some organic skin care products, especially essential oils, carry natural sweet smelling fragrances that provide aromatherapeutic benefits good for both your skin and your state of mind. So keep an eye out for those when shopping for your skin regimen.



Remember to relax and unwind. Stress can affect the skin negatively, so it’s important to manage it well and avoid it at best. There are many activities good for lowering stress and anxiety. Explore your options and pick the one that’s most effective for you.



Healthy eating, including drinking lots of water plays a big role in making your skin glow. Certain foods can actually contribute to bad skin; like too much refined sugar which causes breakouts. So be sure to not only watch what your apply on your skin but what goes into your body as well. Another important habit for attaining healthy skin is making sure you have sufficient sleep. Sleep deprivation affects skin hydration and skin texture. It can also elevate oil production, leading to breakouts. So don’t skip on that beauty rest.



A typical daily skin care routine involves the following steps: cleanse, tone and moisturise with face masks as an additional bonus. It is therefore important not to skip these three key steps because if you do you won’t experience the full benefits of your routine.



By:Tapiwa Mhlanga


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