How To Keep Sane In The Middle Of A Work Crisis

We all have had to deal with a work crisis at some point or another. And sorry to break it to you, but there are still more where that came from. It’s the professional’s journey, be it as an entrepreneur or an employee. What matters is how you handle the crisis and survive it; physically, emotionally and mentally. The goal is to walk away with your mental and physical health intact.

Take a break

While a crisis needs you to be hands on, finding solutions and all, it’s important that you take a break. A walk to go grab a coffee can do you a world of good. A break allows you to ease the pressure, think outside of the situation and refresh. This will help you in coming back to fight harder than before. Your break can also include taking time out to enjoy the things you love; be it music or a movie. This will help take your mind off things and ease the stress. A little laughter will go a long way too. Laughter IS the best medicine after all…



Let it all out…..

We know you’re frustrated at yourself, your boss, your team, the universe…Let it all out. Have a friend, partner or family member who you can talk to, vent and just express yourself with. Remember it has to be someone outside of work. Someone who can listen and just take it all in. Bottling your frustrations is the shortest route to one day erupting and having a major outburst at your coworkers, your employees or your boss even. Not the kind of scene you want to make, and definitely not the solution to any problem!



Starving yourself during a work crisis doesn’t help anyone, least of all yourself. If anything, it only makes you grumpier and even more irritable. Don’t miss out on your meals because of a crisis. If you are too busy to go out for a meal, try and arrange a snack to keep you going.


Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t let your mistakes haunt you. Yes, you made a mistake but guess what? So does everyone else. Forgive yourself. Don’t focus on the problem but rather focus on the solution.



Take a walk. Something as short as a 20 minute brisk walk can absolutely change your mood. Go outside, get some sun, stretch and come back to smash all your targets. The key word is sanity. You need to make sure you don’t lose your sanity but rather work on managing the crisis whilst keeping your emotional and mental health in check..


By:Sithandekile Nyoni


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