Saving in the Middle of This Darn Panoramic

We know you’ve been hiding behind the pandemic each time you do something you shouldnt be doing. Yep, busted! And Yes, things are tighter than usual and adulthood is on an all time crazy right now. But listen- none of that is reason enough not to save. “But how do I save in the middle of a pandemic? you ask? “Well, we thought you’d never ask. Because you know we’ve got you. We had a virtual sit down with a financial adviser to get some expert advise and this is what she had to share with us.

Have a budget

It doesn’t matter how little you earn, budget for it. No matter how small your bank account is, you need to plan and account for every penny in it. Make sure every cent is accounted for and equally importantly, find your highly disciplined self and stick to your budget.

Budgeting helps you trace your expenditure and make sure you’re not wasting money you don’t have…

Speaking of,

Do not spend money you do not have

So you’re expecting money next week and maybe you should just buy a few items on credit and pay when you get the money? Noppity nope. Never spend money you do not have in hand. Step away from that credit card and that overdraft facility sis…

Live within your means

We know all the food and luxury clothes on the ‘gram will have you sbwl’ing and craving just a teensy weensy taste of the soft life… but let’s be honest, can you afford it? Can you afford all the order ins you’ve been having? If the answer is no then it’s time to have a long overdue family meeting with yourself and accept that some things are beyond your means. And while you can’t afford them now, you will afford them one day. Saving is the key to unlocking that soft life sis.

Emergency Fund and Savings

Have a separate emergency fund and savings account. The key to note is that an emergency fund is for the rainy days and your savings are NOT. So no, not even when the roof is falling over; whatever is in your savings account is saved only for a specific non-flexible, non-negotiable purpose.

No, It’s NOT just another Dollar deal

Always remember that it’s the little things that count. Chicken Inn at just $1.50 a day, four times a month for 12 months is $72 that could have been saved!


By:Sithandekile Nyoni


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