“What’s your prayer and hope for your kids? For your loved ones?”

March 1, 2021

I cannot stress this enough, diversify your portfolio.

Learn to learn other things other than your profession.

Your profession is always going to be there, you’ll always be an Accountant, a Lawyer, a Creative… so learn to do other things.

Be bold, diversify and build your portfolio.

For women that are married, understand your husband’s work. If he’s a farmer, or businessman, know what happens behind the scenes. Don’t be a vegetable, know what’s happening around you. If you inherit your spouse’s enterprise, what are you going to do with it? Learn new things.

If you want to be truly empowered you need to think about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Your career is just one thing; your portfolio can be so much more!

Where do you start?

Start with your friends.

All your friends do something different, start with them.

I have an amazing friend – Chiedza, who’s a qualified accountant but took interest in farming. She wanted to rear pigs, something way outside her profession! She shadowed my husband at our farm for some time, learning, asking questions, understanding what she needed to for her business. Now, fast forward 3 years later and she has a successful business and has just opened her first butchery.

So, go beyond just saying my friend is a Lawyer, an Engineer or is in the Creative Industry. Understand what they do, what you can tap into and build your portfolio. The world is changing, change with it.

Impart these lessons to your children as well, don’t leave them unprepared for the world.

I pray that my children will be employers. I pray that they will enlarge the legacy my husband and I are building and that they in turn, will empower others.

What’s your prayer and hope for your kids? For your loved ones?


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