Riso Jeradi: Creating A Tailored Experience For Every Woman

February 16, 2021

The Zimbabwean fashion industry is continuously growing, thanks to the large number of young designers taking up space and owning their talents even during a time where it’s hard to infiltrate the market. One such designer is Chantelle Jeradi, owner, founder and head designer of Riso Jeradi. If you are looking to invest in pieces that are of the best quality, locally and tailor made; then you should without a doubt place your full support towards this brand. What is it about this line that makes it our fashion hot pick of the month?

Riso Jeradi as explained by Chantelle, “…is an ethical clothing brand that specialises in crotchet and fabric pieces. It started because I wanted to create a tailored experience for women. Having the same design that is flattering for every shape, height, size and creating clothing that makes women feel confident and comfortable in who they are was a big part of my vision. I wanted to provide high quality, locally made pieces that were timeless and tailored well, that felt special for the wearer because they were customised to their specifications and measurements.”



To find local clothing brands that pay attention to the client’s needs, producing clothes of  a prime standard, fitting every body shape and size, is something many Zimbabwean women have been struggling with. This is partly the reason why we had to feature Riso Jeradi. You do not have to go very far on social media for you to come across a post about a Riso Jeradi creation. With constant praises and recommendations by clients that this is, “a clothing line that seeks to make every female beautiful and confident through fashion” and we have to agree.

The customer is ALWAYS king, in this case QUEEN. This cannot be any truer than when you go through the reviews on the Riso Jeradi social media pages. They offer exceptional customer service that is quick and friendly, a rarity some companies in the country fail to achieve. One client mentioned how quick their response was when they contacted them to place an order. Thereafter, the delivery of the package regardless of the outfits being handmade was also very fast. In addition to exceptional customer service, clients have shown complete satisfaction in their new purchases. What else has made this fashion brand become the rave of the town? Apart from their personal approach to each client and excellent customer service, it is quite obvious that the definitive reason to their popularity is the creations themselves.

These beautifully designed and handmade items are offered in the following categories:

  • Dresses
  • Crotchet
  • Tops
  • Pants

Although every design is worth a purchase, there are some of their best sellers that are noteworthy.


1.The Ndlovukadzi Dress going for USD$40



2.The Vimbai Dress USD$45



3.The Doll Swing Dress going for USD$38. If you cannot recognize the famous “doll swing dress’, we need to make sure that you know it now. A dress made extremely popular through its beauty, flowiness and influential marketing. This dress has become a signature for every Riso Jeradi customer.




 4.The Rugare Full Set going for USD$65



5.The Kundai Pants going for USD$35



6.The Lush Bandeaux going for USD$25



7.The Frya crotchet top going for USD$20,


8.The high waisted summer shorts going for USD$25(Picture above)

*All pieces are tailor and handmade with all materials sourced from the best local manufactures.

Riso Jeradi is not a success story because their designs are just pretty. There are many pretty dresses out there too BUT their success stems from a winning combination of passion, dedication, attention to detail, uniquely made garments, influence (something Chantelle Jeradi has mastered), exceptional customer service; marketing- that makes every woman want to purchase something from the line because she wants to feel just as special and confident as the women showcasing their creations online and in person.

Finally, from the winning combination; the dedication to using locally sourced materials creating a truly Zimbabwean product. Why would anyone not want to support this young, local and talented entrepreneur?

If you have been enticed to purchase your very own Riso Jeradi creation, you can place your order on their website risojeradi.com or through Instagram and Whatsapp. To make a payment, they offer numerous payment methods such as PayPal, RTGS, Cash and Paynow (Ecocash, bank transfer).

To ensure every piece stays true to tailored quality, they offer the option of a fitting before completion of orders. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all protocols to ensure the health and safety of patrons are strictly followed.

Contact and order Riso Jeradi on +263 776 157 961

Whatsapp: +263 776 157 961

Email: [email protected]

Website: risojeradi.com

Instagram: riso_jeradi


By Delyse Gimani


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